3 Keys to the Ideal Fitness Plan for Mature Women

As a middle-aged woman, you are constantly under a barrage of misleading marketing messages, seductive “quick-fix” offers, and confusing advertisements – all aimed at improving your health, beauty and/or fitness…

With all the overwhelming info thrown your way, it becomes extremely difficult to “know” what it is that you really need in order to reverse your physical decay, regain your energy, rejuvenate physical abilities and reawaken your sense of attractiveness.


Today, I’ll simplify matters by giving you…

3 Keys to the Ideal Fitness Plan for Mature Women

True understanding of these 3 keys will give you the proper reference point to compare what fitness program options you might be considering. With that understanding you’ll be in a position to wisely choose your correct path to personal wellness and high quality of life.

Key #1 – Your program must be “appropriate”

First and foremost, you should NOT be doing anything that is painful or grueling. Yes, there are some women (a VERY small percentage) who live and die by high-intensity exercise, but they are “in their own world” and truly can’t understand what regular women need for a proper approach for fitness and anti-aging…

You want to follow a program that takes a gentle approach. One that is kind to the body and yet still triggers the desired results and improvements.

Many fitness pros will swear that “you have to push the body, blah, blah, blah…”

“But the truth is you don’t actually have to “push” the body when the things you’re doing are so effective and targeted – all you have to do is “guide” the body and let the method do its magic….”

Key #2 – Your program must be enjoyable

This is really simple. If you do not enjoy something, you will avoid it….

However, if you do enjoy something, you will look forward to it and you’ll want it to be a part of your life.

When you find a fitness program that you want to make a part of your life, because you ENJOY it – then that is when you’ve truly discovered “the fountain of youth”.

What we enjoy – we keep in our lives. Simple.

Key #3 – Your program must be effective

You want results from your fitness program. You want:

– increased energy
– stimulation of anti-aging (our sweet clients have a funny, but true, saying in the Studio; “Aging in Reverse!”)
– enhanced physical abilities
– better moods and happiness
– dropping of excess body-fat
– improved muscle-tone and body-image
– stronger health profile and less medical issues
– more powerful immune system and brain/mind function

And you may have more goals than those listed above – but you get the picture…

Your program must be effective enough to deliver those desired results, while being enjoyable and while be “appropriate”

“The American College of Sports Medicine, The American Council on Exercise, plus many other organizations, both domestic and international – agree that the key to fitness longevity is adherence, and the key to adherence comes from the 3 critical elements listed above…”

Listen, we didn’t open the SCULPTAFIT Studio for hardcore gym-bunnies. Nothing against them at all, but they already have plenty of places to go.

However, women like YOU need a proper place to go.

Who Did We Create SCULPTAFIT For?

“We opened the first SCULPTAFIT Studio here in the Saint Johns & Mandarin area for women who still needed a supportive, gentle, non-intimidating, all-accepting atmosphere – supported by a unique team of compassionate, wise and caring wellness/fitness professionals who were put on this earth to help YOU discover success…. To help you reach your goals and KEEP THEM…”

Lisa Dowling week 5 progress update

Which of These Will Be Your Next Step to The BEST YOU?

1 – SCULPTAFIT Personal Training: this is exclusive and private, but some women have asked for it and it is now an option here.

2 – SCULPTAFIT “Signature” Method: this is our premiere-level small-group fitness/wellness program; aka, “The REJUVE-N8R”

3 – SCULPTAFIT “Express” Method:
this is our small-group fitness/wellness program, created for women on tighter schedules and tighter budgets (single moms, teachers, etc…); aka, “REJUVE-N8R Lite”

With these 3 amazing options, YOU have NO EXCUSES now… So, get in touch with Nikki ASAP, so she can get you in for a Studio Tour/Meet & Greet – or a Complimentary Sample Session… Here’s how to reach her:

A – call her (or text her right now): 904-891-3680
B – Or email her: Nikki@SCULPTAFIT.com

…So she can reserve your free Sample Session spot and get you in here, to try The Method for FREE and have you meet some of the other amazing and friendly women here…

Or if you just want to get a FREE start at home, you can get our “7-Day Slim & Tone at Home” here:

FREE "7-Day Slim & Tone at Home" Videos

FREE “7-Day Slim & Tone at Home” Videos

SCULPTAFIT client Brenda Pence 3-month FIT-Q Success Story

SCULPTAFIT Client Brenda Pence 3-month FIT-Q Success Story


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