5 Great Reasons Women Should Avoid Fitness Boot Camps

Let it be known, this article is written for the women who want and need to hear this perspective. It’s for the women who it resonates with. Simple.

When someone takes a position like this – it’s gonna ruffle some feathers. And that’s perfectly ok because it proves I’m on the right track – and creating information for the women who are not getting their needs met, when it comes to proper fitness

So, if you are a boot camper, or a boot camp owner/instructor – and don’t like what I present here – please don’t take it as a bash against you. Don’t take it personally. I admire your choice of venue and the fact that you’re trying to promote health and wellness makes us spiritual partners of sorts.. So, mutual respect is in order.

This article applies to both indoor and outdoor fitness boot-camps.

First, let’s just be mindful of the fact that “one size does not fit all” and that there are many different types of clients for fitness programming, who have very different abilities, needs and goals.

Second, like most of my articles, I don’t include scientific references and research studies to “support” my perspective…

I don’t write to try proving something in the the efforts of converting someone over to my belief system, but rather I write for the woman who finds validity in my message and reassurance that she may have found a source of information, and support, that understands ‘her’ – and that can help “her”.

Now – for the woman who hates fitness boot camps, is scared of trying one, or simply just knows it’s a “bad” choice, and wants another option that is more “in sync” with your needs – then read on 🙂

Why Women Should AVOID Fitness Bootcamps

1 – Generally speaking, they are not sustainable for the long-term.

Our choice of fitness method should be one we can follow for life – as part of our value-based lifestyle. So, let’s say you can manage to be consistent in a boot camp style fitness program for 2 years and then you decide it’s time to throw in the towel…

You’re back at square one looking for something you enjoy enough – to never throw in the towel, and achieve the results you desire, both the visible results – and the intangible or not so evident in a superficial sense (health profile, medical status, emotional wellness, etc…)

There’s this underlying “love hate” relationship that rarely gets talked about, if ever.

Women love the idea of the promised results a bootcamp claims to deliver – however they hate the price they must pay during the bootcamp sessions, and in between. It’s a physical hate and a mental hate… And I support, it’s a justifiable one.

2 – It’s not a good match for middle-aged women.

[SIDE NOTE: As always I say ‘middle-aged’ with all due respect, simply to help put my article and perspective into accurate context, so it can more easily be understood.]

Women who’ve ‘tried it’ know EXACTLY what I’m getting at here…

In a nutshell; “It just doesn’t feel right.”

And that says so much. One doesn’t need to keep doing something to know whether or not it is something well-matched to the individual.

What might feel good to one woman may not (and usually doesn’t) feel good to thousands of others.

There are several key reasons for this – but the main one, and the easiest to understand is that not all women are built the same. And with this difference comes a difference in natural capabilities – and the feelings experienced when attempting various activities.

This is a simple example of the marvelous “anatomy & physiology spectrum” – and all the variety it displays on this earth via the human form.

3 – Over-training or overuse injuries are a risk of fitness boot camps

Truth is, getting out of bed in the morning holds a remote risk of injury…

But, when you consider the requirements of a boot camp program; battle-ropes, plyo-jumps, box dips, sprints, rapid medicine ball chops, kettlebell swings, and so on… you create an environment ripe for inducing injury.

The smartest physical therapists and chiropractors eagerly connect with boot camp facilities as they hold a ready-made pool of prospects who will need injury rehab sooner or later.

Maybe you, or a friend, have been down that road before?

4 – Most boot camps are co-ed.

And that means sharing the equipment, floors and mats with the sweaty guys.

I won’t get into all the sanitary aspects of this, because that’s another issue for another day – but I think it’s safe to say, women don’t want to be rolling around in some guy’s workout sweat.

The sweat issue aside, there are MANY women who simply prefer to do their fitness activities in a ‘women only’ environment.

In other words; “No Men”. Simple, but extremely important to the woman who prefers this type of set-up. Trust me – I get it. Need I say more?

I’ll talk more about the deeper benefits of a women only program in a future article.

5 – Most Boot-camps incorporate HIIT as an essential element of the workout routines.

I know some boot-camps do not employ HIIT, and that’s why I said ‘most’, as in vast majority. And if you remember my previous article — then you’ll understand exactly why I strongly suggest women steer clear of anything ‘HIIT’.

If you’ve tried it already and couldn’t get out of it fast enough, then you know what I mean. Enough said.

But if you’ve never tried HIIT (lucky you), and want to know the essence of what I’m referring to – then just know that the grind and torture of this style of workout is what repels many women from even wanting to try it in the first place.

Besides the injury possibilities, why would you try committing to something that you despise?

Life is too short and valuable to spend time and effort on things that bring pain – when all the while there is ‘another way’ that not only brings joy, strength and confidence – but is also extremely effective.

It’s like that boyfriend, or partner you thought you could never live without, despite all the heartache and anguish…

Until one day you found yourself with another incredible soul who brought you everything good in a partner – without all the darkness, dysfunction and conflict.

While that might not be the perfect analogy – I sense it’s good enough for you to feel, and appreciate, the essence of today’s article.

You deserve to know what others aren’t willing (or able) to write about.

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