5 Keys to Get Fit and Healthy DURING the Holidays

“Today’s article is based on the outline from our October “E-5″ Seminar. These are monthly seminars we host in the SCULPTAFIT Studio for our clients, to help with nutrition guidance, mindset empowerment, and specific Q & A sessions. Enjoy and please do share this with your friends who can benefit from it…”

Getting heavier and more unhealthy during the Holiday Season doesn’t happen by accident…

And it doesn’t happen by some weird, mysterious forces that we can’t control…

It happens because people CHOOSE to let it happen.

People make detrimental choices during the months of November and December (some start as early as Halloween), that lead to weight gain and deteriorating health (physical, mental and emotional).

These choices usually fall into 2 primary categories:

A – choosing to NOT exercise
(even though their doctor says they “need to”.. and they themselves know they should)
B – choosing health-punishing foods that cause weight-gain, high-cholesterol, and a list of other damaging effects

This is all done with the dysfunctional mindset that has a mental message floating around that says; “I’ll get myself in gear and on track once January 1st hits…”

And just like all the years past
– January 1st comes around, all intentions are good, you have some sort of “plan”… and by mid February, you’ve totally fallen off your great plan of healthy habits and fitness improvements…

And you’re back in that destructive annual cycle
that will have you in even worse shape when the next new year rolls around in 12 months…

However, that life-killing cycle can be broken and REVERSED.
Other women have proven this time and time again. And here is how many of them do it…

5 Keys to Get Fit and Healthy DURING the Holidays

Key #1 – Kick Things Up NOW

DON’T Wait Until January.
Because you know how that panned out in the previous years.

A – Create a simple weekly fitness activity schedule and stay faithful to it. (Our clients at SCULPTAFIT make their sessions here in the Studio the main focus of their fitness schedule.) IF you don’t have a current program you can consider the free 7-Day Slim & Tone at Home Program that we offer (free link provided at end of this article).

Make this a top priority for YOURSELF, by basing it on your REASONS WHY. (Why do you want to be in shape and healthy? How does better wellness and fitness impact your life?)

B – Write down/schedule your D.I.B.S. (Days In Between Sessions) activities into your calendar/planner: You are far more likely to follow through on things that you actually write/type into your schedule so that it becomes visible and tangible. (this is such a simple, but POWERFUL strategy – JUST DO IT).

D.I.B.S. are what our clients are encouraged to do on the days they are not in the Studio for a SCULPTAFIT Session.

SCULPTAFIT Pre-session Focus-Stretch

SCULPTAFIT Pre-session Focus-Stretch

D.I.B.S. activities can range from a simple power-walk with a friend to one of the home/travel exercise videos in your private-client video library. You have LOTS of fun options for D.I.B.S. – but you have to ‘place’ them on your schedule.

C – Start being mindful of the party invites and the food consumption that goes along with those parties.
By being mindful of these future situations, you can be in a better state of mind to avoid overindulgence and the yucky feelings that result in the unneeded excess calories.

Key #2 – Pre-Plan Your Overall “Holiday Strategy”

Pre-determine your mindset,
based on your values and the goals you have in mind for YOURSELF.

Don’t default to how others “expect you to behave” during the holidays.



QUESTION TO PONDER: Why should you mimic the self-destructive behavior of others, just because you are spending time with them?

You have the awareness and the power to choose what you’ll eat and drink and how much you’ll eat and drink.

[ACTION TIP 1] Take a picture, or print out a copy of your calendar/schedule for the next 3 months and make notes of events/gatherings.

[ACTION TIP 2] Use a highlighter or colored pen
to highlight where potential food/beverage issues may present themselves. By doing this you can premeditate your approach to these parties and meals with your “January Goals” in mind.

Just “seeing” your upcoming schedule, and referring to it as a reminder, can strengthen your motivation to stick to your path, REGARDLESS of how other people behave at these events and parties.

Key #3 – Focus On Your HEALTH (not only your “weight”)

A – Make healthy dishes if you’re serving at your house, or if you’re bringing a dish to a party.

B – Be mindful and reasonable on YOUR portion sizes when eating.

C – Choose veggies and salads FIRST

D – Drink teas and sparkling waters (AVOID artificial sweeteners; aspartame, sucralose, acesulfame-K, acesulfame potassium)

Key #4 – Use Future Visioning

Think back to years past: What state of mind were you in every time January rolled around?

Were you upset with yourself? Were you depressed?

Were you in a state of despair?

Did you repeat the “new year resolution” gig? Only to fall off in a few weeks?

If so, you want to use that “future vision” of the scenario you want to replace with a much better future vision. A positive one that has you ALREADY in gear making positive progress and improvements.

Vow not to be a “serial resolutionist” – but rather, vow to be “Already On Track”

Key #5 – Set Your January 2017 Goals NOW

Don’t wait until January 1st or 2nd to start thinking of your personal goals for 2017. Start NOW, by getting a sheet of paper and write at the top: “My Personal Goals for 2017”

SCULPTAFIT End of Session Mantra

SCULPTAFIT End of Session Mantra

Then put the numbers 1, 2, 3 on the sheet
– and take just a few minutes to write down 3 reasonable but meaningful goals. (these may already be in your FIT-Q, but be sure to restate them on this new sheet as well).

Keep in mind you will be able to update your sheet with new goals (for Spring and then Summer, etc…) as you get close to, and reach, your initial goals.

For example, some goals might look like this:

A – Improve body composition by 2% by February 1st (this would mean going from 34% body-fat down to 32%)

B – Lose 9 LBS of unhealthy weight

C – Improve balance and strength, so I can do more activities with my family/friends. (more travel, trail walks, etc…)

D – Feel a noticeable increase in self-esteem and self-confidence, so other areas of my life are enhanced.

WRITE these goals down and post them where you can SEE THEM DAILY.

This is simple, but also SUPER-POWERFUL. Please don’t underestimate this step. This is a simple strategy for success.

What we put front and center is kept “top of mind” and we exponentially increase our ability to reach our goals in our desired time-frames.

Those are your “5 Keys to Get Fit and Healthy DURING the Holidays”…

…now if you’re thinking you need guidance and the right people to help you, in order for you to know you’re on the right path and to be connected to like-minded women who are supportive, encouraging and empowering, then get in touch with us.

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We’ve been given something very special and powerful to bring to the women of the world. Women just like you.

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FREE “7-Day Slim & Tone at Home” Videos


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    Hi, Joey,

    Great tips! I’m trying to get in better shape at the moment, which is a challenge. I’ve already made a fitness plan and so far I’ve managed to stick to it 🙂 I dodged the Halloween binge by making a healthy version of a pumpkin pie I found in a magazine. It tastes just as good and has no maple syrup, sugar or flour… Now I have to plan carefully for Xmas. I’m British so I don’t have to plan for Thanksgiving, but I’ll be giving thanks for your advice, Joey!

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