Behind the Scenes at SCULPTAFIT Configuration 13 Preview

Every 4 weeks my SCULPTAFIT Coaching Team at the Studio in Saint Johns & Mandarin, Florida designs a new sequence configuration, as part of our gentle, progressive & multidimensional L.I.I.T. based fitness training method.

After Nikki, Kaci, Corinne and MaryAnne plan out the new configuration, MaryAnne schedules a ‘review session’ with me, and she takes me through a demo walk-through – where we adjust and fine-tune things and add notes for different variations and levels of clients (beginner VS advanced, etc)

We previously shared the walk-through for Configuration #12, and in this video, we share the walk-through for Configuration #13 without revealing too many of “our secrets”.

Nikki, Director of Smooth Operations, handled the “Candid Cam” on this ‘walk-through session’ and it came out nicely, so we’re sharing it to give you a small behind the scenes glimpse of how we do things here, and why our female clients LOVE it so much.

At minimum, even if you only try to mimic some of the movements we share in the video, at home, and you do them on a consistent basis, you may get just enough out of them to realize “YES, I can do something for myself that makes me feel better and is getting me into better shape and better health!!”

If you’re not already a client, and what you see in the video catches your interest as it relates to your personal health, wellness and longevity – then we’d love to invite you in for a Complimentary Sample Session…

Would You Like a “Spring/Summer Ready” Complimentary Sample Session?…

Just call or text Nikki now: 904-891-3680 and let her know you’re interested in a Complimentary “SIGNATURE Sample Session” and Personal Fitness Consultation (or maybe even ‘1 Week Free’ if we have any left)


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