Kim’s 5 Week Female Fitness Progress Update

Female Fitness case-studies are the key to seeing proof of what is possible for women…

Kim’s “real-time” case study is already inspiring other women to realize there is hope and “there is a way” to regain fitness, wellness of body and mind…

To put this video into context… It’s Kim’s 5 week update in a full video “mini-documentary” we are creating behind the scenes… Once we have all the segments and Kim is at, or near, her ultimate goal we’ll share the complete video.

You can bet, it will be quite popular with many women.

Kim’s “before” story is pretty powerful, and one that needs to be shared so other women can see what is possible, even after going through some very difficult phases of life.

When Kim first started we recorded a short interview where she shared her personal history up fitness “ups & downs” that were tied to life events. That segment will be part of the “mini-documentary”.

She heard about SCULPTAFIT through the grapevine and believed it sounded like it could be “the thing” that she needed in order to regain control of her own health and fitness, and her life.

“Even though she had already been making good progress with initial phases of basic weight-loss, she had hit a frustrating plateau that she couldn’t get through – and she knew there was more she needed, in order to have a big breakthrough and find the specific path that would lead her to her goals…”

After trying a Sample Session she knew…

“This is it!”

And the rest is history… So, if you’d like to get on the same path of “Positive Progress” as Kim, and the other women who’ve found “their thing” here at SCULPTAFIT – then do this…

Your Path of “Positive Progress” Starts Here

1 – Get in touch with Nikki asap to reserve one of the limited spots in the “28-Day In Gear By New Year” program, which starts on Monday, November 28th (we have a bunch of convenient class times throughout the entire day)

2 – Since it’s the Holiday Season we are offering Super-Special Holiday Pricing (even LOWER than the last 28-Day program) AND we are adding in the potential for 5 more weeks FREE, beyond the 28-Day program.

3 – And you also get 2 Complimentary “FIT-Q” assessments with Kaci
so we can measure your progress and changes.

4 – But because of the super-low Holiday pricing, we can only offer the following number of spots:

A ==> 6 spots in our SCULPTAFIT “Signature REJUVE-N8R” classes

B ==> 6 spots in our SCULPTAFIT “Express REJUVE-N8R” classes

These spots will go fast, so don’t procrastinate on yourself any longer. Something REALLY good for you is in the palm of your hands right now… Don’t let it slip away. (these spots are “first come, first served”)

“You can’t reserve your spot online, because we want to make sure this is the perfect fit for you first. So call or text Nikki asap: 904-891-3680 …”

(or email her: )

Here’s just a taste of feedback from the recent “28-Day Turnaround” we held:

“Ok, I must admit I was a bit skeptical at first. But once I met everyone here, the first layer of skepticism went away. Then I did my first session and was very impressed and hopeful.

And then, 16 days later I could already feel so many good changes happening. I was very surprised, because I had tried various programs in the past that made big promises, but didn’t live up to expectations. And here, it’s almost “too good to be true”, until you actually try it.

You realize; Ok, this is certainly unique. This just might be my answer. I’m only in week 3 and I’m convinced this is the answer. Kudos to everyone here.
From a happy, new believer.”

🙂 — “C”


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