SCULPTAFIT 1 Year Anniversary Thank You Video

Just like all of our ladies, reaching amazing milestones of positive progress in their monthly FIT-Q’s, on June 6th, SCULPTAFIT reached the “1 Year Anniversary” mark…

And we recorded this candid “thank you” video to thank all the women who have “joined the movement” – who’ve taken responsibility for their own health and wellness, and who are taking the steps each week to reverse all the things that “they’ve let slide” over the last bunch of years…

We’re posting the video here to share the celebration with you – and to invite you in for a Complimentary Sample Session or two – so you can feel for yourself what makes this Studio and Method so special, compared to EVERYTHING else out there…

Here’s some “1 Year Anniversary Love” that was posted on Facebook too:

If You’re Worried About Any of the Following – WE CAN HELP YOU In Ways You Could NEVER Imagine:

1 – Premature Aging (feeling weak, muscles getting mushy and saggy)
2 – Osteoporosis
3 – Diabetes
4 – Metabolic Syndrome
5 – Heart Attack
6 – Cancer (breast, liver, thyroid, etc)
7 – Fatty Liver Disease
8 – Alzheimer’s
9 – Memory Loss, Brain Decline
10 – Lack of Balance, Hip Fractures
11 – Assisted Living Conditions (when you can’t take care of yourself – other people have to do it)

There’s more to add to that list (loss of libido, LOW energy levels, etc..), but we think you get the point…

You have the power, and the choice, to fend of most, if not all, of the above – even if some of it has started already.

It’s never too late
, and you deserve the BEST version of yourself.

Call or text Nikki now at 904-891-3680 and she will give you 1 Complimentary Express Session AND 1 Complimentary Signature Session. There is a reason you’ve read this far. YOU NEED THIS. And we are here for YOU.


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