SCULPTAFIT Reviews and Recommendations on Facebook and NextDoor

The first SCULPTAFIT Studio is about 6 months into “Existence” here in Saint Johns & Mandarin area…

And we are seeing LOTS of success from the women
who’ve decided to make this “their place for fitness & wellness”…

Today we share a little bit of this positive and inspiring feedback with you – with words directly from some of our clients.

“We share in hopes that their success shows you that you can find healthy success too… And it’s NEVER TOO LATE…”

As you read these reviews, be sure to keep in mind the “5 Laws of Fitness for Mature Women” (this is our specialty):

1 – Gentle (LOW-Intensity)
2 – Safe
3 – Fun
4 – Enjoyable
5 – Effective

Here are some Reviews and Recommendations from our SCULPTAFIT Facebook Page and our NextDoor page:




Debbie SD on SCULPTAFIT review on facebook

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Do You Know Why We Share The Feedback From Our Clients With You?

Because we know we can help you in ways that NOBODY else can.
We’ve been given something very special and powerful to bring to the women of the world… to women just like you.

It’s quite possible you’re interested in exploring our Method to see all the ways it can benefit your life, improve your health & fitness and reverse pre-mature aging; so here are your next options:

1 – SCULPTAFIT “Signature” Method: this is our premiere-level small-group fitness/wellness program; aka, “The REJUVE-N8R”

2 – SCULPTAFIT “Express” Method:
this is our small-group fitness/wellness program, created for women on tighter schedules and tighter budgets (single moms, teachers, etc…); aka, “REJUVE-N8R Lite”

With these 2 powerful options, YOU have NO EXCUSES now… So, get in touch with Nikki ASAP with any questions you might have, and she can get you in for a Studio Tour/Meet & Greet – or a Complimentary Sample Session… Here’s how to reach her:

A – call her (or text her right now): 904-891-3680
B – Or email her:

…She’ll reserve your Complimentary Sample Session spot so you can try The Method for FREE, and have you meet some of the other amazing and friendly women here…

Or if you just want to get a FREE start at home, you can get our “7-Day Slim & Tone at Home” here:

FREE "7-Day Slim & Tone at Home" Videos

FREE “7-Day Slim & Tone at Home” Videos


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