Women’s Fit and Well Monthly December 2016 Edition

December is almost done and January is almost here!!

And this edition of the SCULPTAFIT newsletter will help you make the transition in a positive and helpful way.

Click here to read ==> “Women’s Fit and Well Monthly December 2016 Edition”


Here are just a few sweet items in this edition of our newsletter:

1 – Festive Female Fitness (for Women of All Ages)
2 – “E5” Seminar Review
3 – Nikki’s Nibbles
4 – SuperFood Chocolate Bark (this is SOOOOooooooo GOOD!!)
5 – “Miss December”: Meet Our Client Spotlight for December; Lisa Wade
6 – Plus Inspirational Quotes, Tips and Recipes

And in the Season and Spirit of Giving – please do use the buttons below to share this month’s newsletter with all your female friends who can use the gift of good health 🙂 They’ll LOVE ya for it!


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