5 Ways To Stick To Your Fitness Goal

At Revolution Training in Stamford, CT, we put you and your goals first. We emphasize that in order to succeed, you have to stick to your fitness goal and I’m proud to say that our clients do. Their dedication inspires me. One of the reasons is their goals are well-defined. We help them narrow them down to an achievable goal that’s big enough that it’s exciting, but still within grasp. Sticking with a goal starts with identifying not only your goal, but what you’re truly capable of achieving. Being realistic, but your goals should be ambitious and excite you, too.

Keep a daily calendar with an activity list each day and stick with it.

Focus on the day and what you need to achieve. Whether your workout schedule calls for a walk at noon or a tough workout at the gym at 3:00, do it. Don’t worry about what you planned for the next day or next week. While your overall larger goals will take time to achieve, you’ll get there by taking one day at a time. Consistency counts.

Schedule the workout.

Part of putting daily goals should include scheduling your workout at the same time every day. It doesn’t matter where you’re doing the workout or how you’re exercising, doing it the same time each day and having it on your schedule will make it more automatic. It becomes like brushing your teeth in the morning or getting dressed. Scheduling your workout at the same time daily means consistency and consistency means success.

Find a workout buddy.

One reason personal trainers help clients achieve success is that just the fact you have an appointment with them makes you more accountable. The same could be true of a workout buddy. Meet your friend at the gym and workout together. You’ll probably work harder because someone is watching and be more apt to show up for your workout. It also makes it more fun when you exercise with a friend.

  • Don’t wait until right before you leave or exercise to lay out your workout clothes. Do things that make it easier for your to workout, like layout your exercise clothes or pack your gym bag.
  • You’ll also be more likely to stick with your program if you enjoy the workout. If using the same old machines is more of a turn off, try boxing. It’s active and a total body workout that will keep your interest.
  • Don’t forget to increase your workout and make it harder as you go. Not only will that give you better results, it will keep your head in the game.
  • Learn to enjoy the challenge of each workout. Make it more about the journey than arriving at the destination. Don’t be afraid to change your goals if you’re getting great results and make them even harder.

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