How to Make Working Out a Habit

One of the problems people face when they start any fitness program is impatience. It’s especially hard for people who never exercised before and expect to see changes immediately. It took a long time for your body to get out of shape and it will take a while, but not as long, to start seeing the fruits of your efforts. You have to make working out a habit and do it consistently. Why make it a habit? Because it becomes automatic and you actually feel uncomfortable when you don’t do it. You feel like you’re missing something.

Make your workout session the same time every day.

Committing to a specific time makes your workout a standing appointment. If you’re scheduling something, you’ll automatically know that your scheduled is filled at that specific time of day. It’s like your regular work schedule. Unless there’s no other option, you wouldn’t schedule any other appointment when you’re supposed to be working. If your day is chaotic, schedule your workout early, before the chaos begins. Your workout can become part of your morning routine, like showering or brushing your teeth.

Follow the recommendations of your trainer and start slower at first.

You may want to immediately do as many push-ups as possible, start slower and focus on form when you first start your workout program. Having the right form and getting your body to adjust exercise can help you avoid injury, which can interrupt any plan to make working out a habit. Your body will rust out before it wears out, so while you might feel a few aches at first, it shouldn’t be so painful that you can’t move.

Be prepared to workout and it will be easier.

If you have everything laid out the night before, it will be easier to workout the next day. I highly recommend you have at least two sets of workout clothes, so you don’t have to rush and wash them as soon as you get home, and stay up until they’re dry to pack them. You can pack your second set. Whether you workout in the morning, at lunch or after work, having your clothes ready will take the pressure off in the morning. You can even put your gym bag in the car that night.

  • Workout with a friend. Some people use a personal trainer as their workout buddy that holds them accountable for showing up, while others find a friend at the gym or start working out with a friend.
  • Enjoy getting fit. It’s one reason Revolution Training gets such great results. People have fun with our program and look forward to coming, which means they’ll be more likely to get fit.
  • Don’t think forever when you workout, just think a week or a month. If you start working out, thinking it’s what you have to do forever, it can be overwhelming. Set a goal to workout a month and then when you accomplish it, go for working out two months at the same time each day.
  • Track your progress and record it. It might not seem like a lot, but when you get discouraged, look at how much you’ve progressed, whether it’s amount of weight lifted or number of sets. You can also track something as simple as how many flights of stairs you can climb without getting winded.

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