A Simple Strategy To Reach Your Health Goals

At Revolution Training in Stamford, CT, we focus on helping you reach your health goals. That’s our total focus. There are no right or wrong goals, but there are goals that are unrealistic. If you’re five foot two and wanted to be six foot six, that’s unrealistic. In fact, it’s more of a wish than a goal. Barring some miracle or new type of surgery, it isn’t going to happen. You won’t lose 100 pounds in a month under normal circumstances, either. So the first step is to define your goal and make sure it’s realistic. Unrealistic goals set you up for disappointment.

Break your goal down into smaller steps.

If you’re completely out of shape and want to enter a 5K, starting by running that 5K immediately will definitely be a challenge that you probably won’t achieve or achieve without consequences. It’s better to start smaller and work your way toward that goal, perhaps starting with running just a half mile or less and then building. The same is true of weight loss. You can’t lose 50 pounds overnight. Break that goal down to smaller steps. Create a goal of losing one or two pounds a week for X number of weeks is the better way to go.

Create a plan, modify it if you must, but keep your goal in mind and never give up.

Success comes to the person who continues to try. Thomas Edison was once asked about the 10,000 failures before he found an incandescent bulb that worked said, “I have not failed 10,000 times. I have not failed once. I have succeeded in proving that those 10,000 ways will not work.” He failed, yet continued to try because he knew there was a way. Our trainers will help you create a plan. We monitor and record your progress, so we know if you’re making progress or whether we need to modify it. You can do the same for yourself, always keeping your goals in front of you. Never give up.

Change one thing at a time, even if that change seems minimal.

If you’re starting an exercise program and program of healthy eating, don’t try to quit smoking, quit drinking, get new friends, build a house and etc. Make one change at a time. If those changes complement each other, then two. For instance, if you’re quitting smoking and find that working out helps, workout, but don’t make a goal for your workout other than to help you quit smoking. After smoking is no longer a habit, which may take quite a long time, create those fitness goals.

  • You don’t have to change everything at once for a specific goal. Is weight loss your goal but you have an incredibly bad diet? Change one thing first, the hardest thing. You might give up sugar first for several weeks before you add another food to eliminate.
  • Don’t make achieving your goal feel like a punishment. Sure you could live a spartan life and accomplish that goal quicker, but is quicker better if you hate every minute? It’s not a sprint, it’s a marathon. Be kind to yourself, but still take steps to forge ahead.
  • Find fun things to help you achieve your goals. It’s one reason people trying to shed weight find boxing really helps. It is more than just the traditional workout, it’s fun, so they stick with it longer.
  • If you fall off the wagon to your goal, get back up and continue. Like with boxing, sometimes the goal sends you to the mat and you have to learn to get up and continue. One misstep does not define you.

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