Are Diet And Exercise Equally Important?

If you’re trying to lose weight by simply adding exercise, you might not get the results you want. The same is true for building muscle and increasing your endurance. To be your healthiest and lose weight, you need a program that addresses both diet and exercise. Both of these affect how quickly you’ll get fit and whether you’ll shed those pounds. Which one is more important? There’s a debate about that, but most personal trainers will tell you that you can’t out-exercise a bad diet.

You may be burning calories in the gym, but your actions when you’re not in the gym make a difference.

If you give your workout your all and burn tons of calories, it may not be enough to offset a stop at a burger quickie for a large burger, fries and shake. Some people think that they can eat all they want and gorge themselves on junk food when they start working out. They gain weight and it’s not from bulking up but from adding fat. It’s not the workout that caused that, it’s the excess calories. In order to lose one pound, you have to consume 3500 fewer calories than you burn. Working out can burn calories faster, but what you eat makes the real difference in whether you gain weight, lose weight or see no difference.

When you’re building muscle tissue, you need the raw materials.

No matter what workout you’re doing or how long you spend at the gym, if you’re trying to build muscle tissue, but don’t supply your body with the protein and other nutrients you need, your success will be limited. While the type of workout does matter, with strength training rather than cardio being the focus, you also need help from the dinner table to be successful.

Your diet is the top priority in weight loss, but working out is a close second.

It’s simple, as noted previously, you need to eat 3500 fewer calories than you burn to lose weight. That means moving more and eating less. While eating a healthy diet becomes a top priority, exercise needs to be high on your list. Exercise is important and not just for burning calories while you’re doing it. Exercise builds muscle tissue. Muscle tissue requires more calories than fat tissue does, so the more you have, the more calories you’ll burn 24/7.

  • When you workout, all types of exercises are important, but if you’re trying to lose weight, strength training is your friend. Studies show that running burns tons of calories, but it takes lose calories from both fat and muscle tissue. The less muscle tissue you have, the harder it is to lose weight.
  • A healthy diet isn’t dieting. It’s making smarter choices when it comes to the food you eat. You can boost your nutrition and reduce your calories by focusing on whole foods and eliminating added sugar.
  • Replacing processed food with more vegetables, fruit and lean protein helps with all types of fitness goals. It will be tough at first, but the longer you do it, the more you’ll realize how good whole food tastes.
  • When you eat is also important. Try to eat a meal high in protein and carbs, but low in fat a few hours before you workout to give you energy and improve your performance. Eat a source of protein for your muscle repair and carbs, like a banana, for glycogen stores within 15 to 30 minutes after a workout.

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