Are You Ready For Swimsuit Weather?

The winter weather brings clothing that can hide almost any flaw from being out of shape to being overweight or even both. Soon, it will be swimsuit weather in Stamford, CT and those layers of clothes will be replaced with far more revealing clothing that shows every indiscretion from sitting through hours of binge watching to those donuts you eat every morning. Whether it’s the jelly roll that has grown around your waistline or the bat wings under your arms that wobbles in the wind, you can still salvage the summer and look fabulous. Challenge yourself to just six weeks of good health and you’ll see results.

It’s never too late.

You won’t go from being completely out of shape and 80-pounds overweight to an Adonis or super model body, but you can start looking like the best you that you can be. That’s really good! Best of all, if you start today, you’ll have more energy for summer fun and excitement. It could change both your body and your attitude. After all, exercise can burn off those hormones of stress and trigger the creation of ones that make you feel good.

There’s no better time than now to start a program of healthy eating.

It’s spring and not only are flowers starting to bloom, asparagus and strawberries are in season, making them far lower in price than some junk food. Eating healthy can be more affordable than eating junk during the spring, summer and fall. Not only can clean eating help you lose weight, it also helps provide nutrients and benefits that can lower your blood pressure, reduce your blood sugar level and get you on the road to good health. You don’t have to start all at once either. Start substituting one for for another right now. Today, switch out those mid afternoon candy bars with trailmix or fruit, replace your sugary soft drink for water. Make one change every day and before you know it, you’ll be losing weight and feeling great.

Working out is tough at first.

To parody Isaac Newton, if your body is at rest, it’s just a lot easier to stay at rest. If your body is in motion you’ll have the energy and drive to stay in motion. Working out does so much more than just burn calories and build muscles. It actually can make you younger on a cellular level. Each cell has telomeres that protect the DNA by being the “disposable” material when the cell replicates. It boosts circulation, sending oxygen and nutrient rich blood to all parts of the body. Exercise also helps you boost healthy microbiome, which are those bacteria, fungi and yeast that help keep the body healthy, while aiding in digestion. You’ll tone your body with exercise and put bounce in your step.

  • Getting into the habit of working out and eating healthy is the hardest part. Make exercise part of your schedule, like any doctor or dentist appointment. Plan menus, list ingredients you need and prepare a week’s meals on the weekend so you don’t have to worry about what to eat or even consider carryout.
  • When you eat healthy, it’s not dieting. Dieting restricts what you can eat and often leaves you feeling hungry. Healthy eating allows you to eat anywhere and never leaves you feeling deprived.
  • Starting a program of exercise and healthy eating doesn’t have to mean losing weight. Whatever your goal, a personal trainer will help you reach it, whether it’s boosting your energy or simply toning.
  • Track your progress. Winners keep score.

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