Create An Exercise Plan

Why should you create an exercise plan? You need a plan in order to achieve any goal, whether it’s a mental plan or a written one. Even if you need milk, you form a mental plan to stop at the grocery on the way home. You might even write it down, especially if you need other items. An exercise plan outlines the number of days you workout each week and for how long. It identifies the type of exercise you do each day and when you’ll exercise.

Find the time that’s best for you and schedule it as you would any appointment.

Whether you’re working out at home alone or working out in a gym, find a time that fits into your schedule, then put it on the calendar as you would any other appointment. Some people prefer the first thing in the morning, while others like to exercise right after work. Whatever time you choose, make sure you’re not too hungry or too full, like right after dinner. It can impede your progress and even make you feel sick if you’ve just eaten a big meal, although a small pre-workout snack may benefit you. Have clothing and equipment set out and ready to go.

Vary your workout to include all types of exercise.

You need cardio training to build your endurance and burn calories. Strength training helps build and tone muscles that also boosts your metabolism and helps prevent falls. Flexibility training is particularly important and can help prevent pulled muscles. Balance training improve core muscles and aid in coordination. Schedule your workout so you have at least one day of strength training every week, but never two within a 48 to 72 hour span. Your muscles need to heal between workouts.

Write down the exercises you’ll do and track your progress.

Winners keep score. You need to write down the exercises you’ll do and have it ready. Create a chart, so you can track the number of reps and sets. As the exercise becomes easier to do, increase either the number of sets or number of reps per set. That way you’ll be able to see your progress. You can find books, websites or videos to help build your workout program.

  • You need 150 to 300 minutes of moderate exercise each week or 75 to 150 minutes of intense exercise. You can have sessions once a day, every other day or do several shorter sessions once a day of 10 to 15 minutes.
  • You can increase your daily exercise by making small changes in your habits. Taking the stairs instead of the elevator and parking further from the store or the office increases the steps you take.
  • Include a five-minute warm-up before you exercise to warm your muscles and avoid injury. After exercise, don’t forget to cool down. Just walking slowly can help.
  • If it all seems too daunting or you’re having problems sticking with your program, consider coming to Revolution Training. We will build a program for you, track your progress and hold you accountable. Our clients love the addition of boxing to make getting fit fun.

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