Does Counting Calories Really Work

Calorie counting has been the benchmark for most weight loss programs for ages. But if you think that counting calories is the only way to shed pounds, you have a lot to learn. There are other ways to track your food intake besides just calories. For instance, counting carbs has become popular more recently. There are benefits to both, but also drawbacks.

A big benefit to counting calories is that you track your food intake.

Tracking your food and keeping a food diary is actually one of the benefits and drawbacks of calorie counting. Studies show that people who counted calories lost an average of seven pounds more than those who didn’t. The process of counting those calories makes the dieter more aware of every bite they take, which often makes that person eat less. On the negative side, counting calories is a hassle, so it can cause people to quit their diet because of that.

While you pay closer attention to the calories in your food, you often neglect food value.

If you’re busy counting calories, you don’t always get the most well rounded meals. For instance, if you’re dedicated to staying under 1500 calories, but have a hankering for a Big Mac, fries and shake, you might follow your craving. That would mean you’d eat 1300 calories in just one meal and leave only 200 calories for the rest of the day with very few calories to provide all the nutrients you require for the day. How healthy you eat is as important as the number of calories it has.

The best way to shed pounds isn’t calorie counting or dieting, but eating healthy.

Healthy eating means never having to diet again. The problem with any diet, whether it’s calorie counting, carb counting or some internet magical diet that’s supposed shed pounds fast, is that a diet always ends. That’s when you go back to unhealthy eating habits that put on weight in the first place. Instead of dieting, learning how to make smarter choices when it comes to food means never having to count calories or carbs again. It’s a lifestyle change that keeps weight off permanently.

  • Calorie counting can suck the joy out of eating. You should enjoy your food. Choosing healthier options makes food an adventure in flavor again.
  • Calorie counting isn’t precise, unless you carry a scale, measuring cup and measuring spoons with you continuously. If you find that measuring each morsel is a real drag, you’re not alone.
  • Counting calories makes going to a restaurant more difficult, since the ingredients and calorie count aren’t listed on the menu.
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