Don’t Stand In Your Own Way

Don’t stand in your own way if you want a healthy lifestyle. I’ve had clients come up to me in the Stamford gym and tell me their friend, mother, cousin or husband wants to start, they’re just waiting to get finished with a big project or any other excuse you can fill in the blank. While some of the excuses are valid, like recovering from a serious injury, others aren’t. They’re just people standing in their own way on the road to fitness. I actually respect people more who say they simply don’t want to workout and own up to it, even though I don’t understand it.

I know you care about your family, but they need you.

I hear people say they don’t the time. They’re too busy taking care of their family, who simply couldn’t function without them for an hour. To that, I ask, “What are they going to do when you’re seriously ill or injure yourself due to poor flexibility or strength?” Working out helps you stay healthier and reduces the potential for serious conditions. It also gets your body in shape and can prevent accidents and injury.

Check your calendar.

Are you actually creating time for fitness? It takes scheduling ahead and treating your workout like an appointment. If you had a doctor’s appointment or a dental appointment, you’d definitely make it, even if it was just for a check-up. You need to make your exercise time an appointment with fitness. If you don’t, you’ll find that the day gets in the way and you never make it.

The excuse that you can’t afford to pay for a gym or a personal trainer is just that, an excuse.

Don’t get me wrong. I firmly believe that working with a trainer is far more advantageous than working out on your own. Working out in a gym can be an easier way to have access to all the fitness tools. However, to get fit, you don’t need to go to a trainer or go to a gym. I believe fitness is so important you should never let money stop you. It costs nothing to workout at home and if that is what fits your budget, you need to do it. I’m in the business because I love helping people get fit. If you do it on your own that’s good too. Just start working out!

  • Some people worry about how they’ll look when they start working out. They worry others will make fun of them. Don’t let that worry you. Everyone feels awkward at first.
  • Don’t worry that you can’t keep up with others. That’s an excuse that doesn’t work when you workout with a personal trainer. You’ll always be working within your capabilities.
  • Eating healthy doesn’t have to be hard. Just focus on eating fewer processed foods and more whole foods at first. Make sure you have healthy snacks available.
  • It doesn’t have to take long hours or a lot of money to eat healthier. Planning ahead and making meals ahead can save both money and time.

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