Easy Workouts To Do On Your Lunch Break

Everyone has been there at one time or another, swamped with work and no break in sight. If you have a regularly scheduled workout, it may have to be put to the sidelines on those days. That doesn’t mean you can’t get exercise that day. There are workouts to do on your lunch break that can help fill in the gap. While a planned program of exercise that addresses all types of fitness and all muscle groups is important. These workouts can fill in occasionally or supplement your exercise program.

The first thing you might consider is going out for lunch.

Of course, the simplest of all the workouts is the rush down the stairs and the brisk walk to your favorite spot for lunch. Rather than eating at your lunch emporium, phone ahead for take out, giving you more time. Take the stairs, not the elevator and then walk briskly to your destination. You can adjust your speed and make it a HIIT—high intensity interval training—workout, spending a few minutes at top speed and a few at a recovery rate then back up to top walking speed. Purchase your lunch and briskly return, taking the stairs to your office. Now you can eat, after your brisk walk is complete.

Workout at your desk.

There are several exercises you can do right in your office or cubicle. If you don’t have that type of privacy, find a place, such as the employees lounge or even a stock room. Bodyweight exercises and calisthenics don’t require equipment. Start with squats, standing crunches, desk pushups or tricep dips from your chair. If you have the luxury of changing your clothes and privacy, a quick ten minute workout doing burpees, pushups, a one minute plank, walking lunges and tricep dips is great.

Take your resistance bands to work and do a strength training workout.

Resistance bands are perfect for working out in an area with limited space and there are plenty of exercises that don’t require laying on the floor. Ten reps of each; kickbacks, side pulls, squats and forward walk can burn calories and build strength. If you can change clothes and lay on the floor, add ten fire hydrants and leg raises to the mix. You’ll feel the stretch and build your strength.

  • Take your weights to work and get a quick workout at lunch. Low to high wood chop, overhead dumbbell side bend, row with a twist and kick crunch interspersed with intervals of jogging in place can provide a quick workout.
  • Studies show that you can break up your thirty minute workout into three ten minute sessions and get the same benefits. Three quick ten minute sessions, one in the morning, one at lunch and one after work can substitute for your normal workout.
  • Desk stretches can provide flexibility and help make the rest of the day more comfortable. Stretch your shoulders, back, upper body at the waist and legs. End the workout by raising your arms above your head, clasping your hands and bending side to side to get whole body stretching and relief.
  • At Revolution Training, we offer yoga classes that teach poses you can use anywhere, even during a lunch hour workout. Check with the instructor for a workout you can do at your office on those rushed days.

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