Fat Burning Foods

Fat burning foods don’t literally burn off fat or everyone would eat them until they reached their perfect weight. They do set in motion different mechanisms in the body that burns more calories in the body than the food itself contains. However, each fat burning food works in a different way to help take off fat. While these aren’t the tools for weight loss, they’re one tool you can add to your arsenal to help shed pounds faster and keep weight off permanently. Celery is always at the top of the list. It’s primarily fiber and water with very few calories, yet is filling.

Spice up your food with red peppers.

Peppers, all except bell peppers, contain capsaicin. It’s what produces the heat in the peppers. While it will burn the skin and your eyes if you happen to rub your eyes, it also boosts your metabolism. Capsaicin boosts thermogenesis, the rate your body burns fat and calories. It also lowers the effect of dietary fat, triggering some genes that inhibit fat accumulation. It also helps regulate blood sugar, has anti-inflammatory effects to help reduce the pain of arthritis, cleans the sinuses and flushes mucus from the nose and lungs, as well as slow the growth of certain types of cancer.

Green tea has certain compounds that boost your metabolism.

Green tea contains catechins, specifically EGCG. This antioxidant boosts fat oxidation rates by as much as 25 percent. It also contains caffeine, another metabolism booster. Don’t expect just one cup to do the trick. Studies show that in order to lose weight you need to do two things, combine it with exercise and drink six to seven cups a day. It flushes out your system in the process. The catechins and flavonoids protect the cells with antioxidant properties, too. It can reduce the risk for cancer, Alzheimer’s, Parkisons, as well as help fight bacteria responsible for tooth decay.

Coffee boosts your metabolism, while apple cider vinegar helps you stick to your diet.

Coffee, the kind with caffeine, does boost your metabolism and help you burn calories faster. While you might think that Starbucks is the location of the new Holy Grail of weight loss, beware. Those fancy latte drinks pack on the pounds. Drink a cup of joe before your workout to make the workout more effective. Drinking a glass of cold water with a tablespoon of apple cider vinegar in it each morning also boosts weight loss. The cold water makes your body work harder and the ACV gives you a full feeling longer.

– Whole grains make your body work harder to break down the fiber than you would on preprocessed grains.

– Lentils are a protein rich food that’s low in calories and high in fiber, which also requires more calories to digest that you ingest.

– Lean meat requires a large portion of the calories it contains to digest the meat, lowering its calorie count significantly.

– Add bone broth to your diet for a number of benefits besides weight loss. It does boost your metabolism, but is also a great source of protein. Make it from the bones of grass fed beef or free range chickens.

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