Get More Out Of Each Session

Exercise takes commitment and the more committed you are, the harder you’ll work. It’s like most trainers say, to get more out of each session, you have to give more. You can start with your commitment to working out. Create a plan that has you exercising at least three times a week. Don’t just say you’ll try to workout but do it and put your heart into it. Everyone has seen the “lazy guy” at the gym who barely makes an effort, just going through the motions. I believe he’s the one that coasts down the hill on the exercise bike. He’s definitely not getting the most for his time or money.

Create a schedule, stick with it and track the progress you have.

When you schedule exercise into your calendar, you’re more apt to workout than if you just said, I’ll get to it when I have time. Staying with a program of regular exercise is the key to success. Tracking your progress not only provides motivation that can help you through frustrating times, it also helps give direction and shows you where you need to improve. When you track your progress, you don’t have to try to remember if you’re doing four sets or five, just look at your records.

Watch your form.

Take the time to learn the proper form and ensure it’s just as good as you build difficulty. If you’re lifting and the heavier weight causes your form to suffer, go back to a lighter weight until you perfect it. Form is everything when you exercise. If your form is wrong, it can cause injury or minimize the benefits of the workout. Move slowly until you’re sure you’ve mastered every movement and then ask help from someone if you’re unsure. When you work with a personal trainer, it’s not a problem. They’re tracking your movements and will let you know immediately.

Find exercises or equipment that does double duty.

It might be scary to learn how to use a new piece of equipment, but it also could boost your benefits. Kettlebells, for instance give a full body workout. Boxing may be totally intimidating, but you’ll love it once you try it and it also gives a full body workout. You’ll be amazed at how quickly time flies and how quickly you’ll trim your body when you do exercises that hit all areas of fitness and the body at once. You’ll enjoy yourself in the process.

  • Keep your cell phone off. Treat the appointment with the gym as a top priority, like you would a job interview or an interview with an important client.
  • Push yourself. Don’t sacrifice form, but do push a little harder each time. Before you know it, you’ll be doing things you didn’t think you could do.
  • Take your workout outside the gym. Once in a while, you need a change of pace. Take a break from regular exercising and do another active sport. Whether you rock climb, dance or swim, it’s all good exercise.
  • Believe in yourself. Whether it’s weight loss you hope for or a toned body with a stomach you could bounce a quarter on, YOU need to believe you can do it. Everyone else will sit back and weight for results before they do.

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