How Many Times Should I Workout A Week?

There’s no particular sweet spot when it comes to the number of times to workout a week that’s perfect for every individual. The Department of Health and Human Services—HHS—recommends at least 75 to 150 minutes of vigorous aerobic activity a week or 150 to 300 minutes of moderate aerobic activity. That means working out hard for a half hour between 2 ½ days a week and five. So what’s the best number of days? It all depends on what works for you.

How you exercise makes a big difference.

If you’re only doing cardio workouts, like running, no matter how often you workout, you’re shortchanging yourself. You need all types of fitness and strength is one important form. Strength training is exceptionally good for weight loss, since it builds muscle tissue while burning calories. It also helps prevent serious conditions, like osteoporosis. It helps prevent injury, as well. You also need flexibility training to increase your range of motion. It prevents injuries and muscle pain. Cardio is important for heart health.

It depends on your goals and the amount of time you have.

The amount you workout will vary from other people if your goal is entirely different. People who are training for a specific sport will require more training than those who just want some healthy exercise. Someone that is exercising for weight loss will probably exercise more than someone that is on a program to maintain their fitness. The amount of time in your schedule also makes a difference. If you only have time to workout three days, workout three days. If you love working out and have more time, do five days.

You need two days a week for strength training, but you also need a break between days.

If you’re working out hard to build muscles or lose weight and doing a lot of tough strength training, make sure you leave 24 to 48 hours between sessions. When you build muscle tissue, strength training causes microtears in the muscle tissue. It takes a day to heal those tissues, boosting your strength and building muscles at the same time. If you don’t have a rest time between workouts, you’ll actually lose ground and your workouts will be less effective. That’s only if you’re doing intense strength training the entire workout and working the same muscle groups each time.

  • While strength training should be two days a week, you need cardio training at least three. Flexibility training should be done at every workout and is good every day. You can even do it several times a day if you have problems with tightness and range of motion.
  • You need to take at least two days a week off from training at the gym. Make those days active recovery times, walking, dancing or any other activity that provides modest exercise, but keeps you moving.
  • When you’re doing active strength training the entire workout, as in lifting weights, give yourself 48 hours between workouts when you’re putting in those two days a week.
  • Our personal trainers will help you with a schedule that’s both healthy and fit. Each person has their own program to help them get into shape, lose weight or achieve any fitness goal they select.

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