How To Build Muscle Naturally

There’s no reason for special supplements or dangerous substances. You can build muscle naturally with a healthy diet and the right type of exercises. While the right type of exercise is important, a great looking muscular body starts in the kitchen. What you eat makes a huge difference. You need adequate protein in your diet and the right amount of calories to get the look that’s lean and muscular. The right types of exercises, such as compound strength building ones, are also important.

Let’s start with diet.

Muscle growth requires protein. It’s the building block for muscles. Just like you need all the materials to build a house, you need all the materials to build muscles. The basics for muscle building include protein to repair and build new muscle tissue. It takes one gram of protein for every pound you weigh if you’re working on building muscle tissue. Healthy fat in your diet is also important. It helps metabolize fat soluble vitamins A, D, E and K, while also aiding in maintaining your testosterone levels. Testosterone is necessary for building muscle mass.

Include strength building in your workout.

You need strength building to build muscles and you need it at least two to three times a week, based on recovery time necessary. Doing it more than three times a week doesn’t give your muscles a rest so they can recover. That actually can stunt your potential growth. If the muscle doesn’t have time to repair, you end up weaker and can actually make you sick.

Make your workout work for you.

One reason boxing is such a good muscle builder is that it’s a collection of compound exercises all rolled into one magnificent sport. Compound sports workout several different muscle groups, tendons and joints at the same time. Besides boxing moves, overhead presses, barbell rows, squats and deadlifts are examples of traditional exercises that are compound ones. If you want to boost how much you lift, use barbells. You can lift more weight with barbells than other types of gym equipment. Avoid those strength building machines and focus on free weights or body weight workouts.

  • Focus heavily on form when lifting and building muscles. One misstep or improper movement could cause injury that could keep you on the sidelines for months. Go for balanced growth.
  • Expect to see changes in three to six months. If you need to lose weight, it may take longer to see those changes. You could have the best six pack but if it’s hidden by a layer of fat, nobody will know.
  • Be consistent. Sticking with a program of healthy eating and the right type of workout can help you reach your goal, but only if you stick with the plan of action created to do that.
  • Don’t omit flexibility and endurance training. Working on building muscles without focusing on range of motion, too, is asking for injury. Consider sports like boxing or yoga to help with endurance and flexibility.

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