How To Work In 30 Min Of Cardio During Your Busy Day

Sure, everyone says you need to exercise regularly, but how do you work in 30 min of cardio when you barely have time for lunch? There are solutions, but they aren’t always simple. In fact, some take quite a bit of planning. The first thing to realize is that the thirty minutes of cardio doesn’t have to be thirty minutes straight. It can be broken down to shorter sessions, as long as they’re at least ten minutes. That may change how you look at the workout and even change your mind about whether it can fit in.

Carve out ten minute time bundles throughout the day.

Maybe you could leave for work early enough to park a distance from your office and walk there or take the stairs instead of the elevator. That could be your first bundle of ten minutes. Take a brisk walk to lunch and back again. This can get tricky. Since walking five minutes away to eat lunch, eating and walking back five minutes doesn’t count as a ten minute bundle. Instead, walk ten minutes then eat lunch. Do your ten minute routine at the end of the day that you did in the morning.

Get up earlier.

It never usually gets a “Wow, I’ve-got-to-do-that” response, because seriously, mornings are tough enough for most people. If you’re a morning person, it might be perfect, but for those who aren’t, it’s tough. However, it doesn’t mean that it’s impossible. Getting up a half hour early and walking, running, bike riding or other cardio can get you going faster and may even save a little time.

Ride your bike to work when you can.

There are more and more options to ride a bike to work. You can even do it if you ride the train. There are opportunities with bike share and other programs to rent one of the bikes at the station and ride to work. You’ll save taxi money and may even get there just as fast when you consider how slow traffic can be some days. Not only will you get exercise in the morning, you’ll get exercise when you go back home. It only takes 15 minutes of riding each way to fill in that 30 minute gap.

  • Play with the kids. Getting exercise doesn’t mean you have to be bored or in pain. It can be fun. Schedule a half hour every day to play basketball, ride bikes, run, play tag or do other active things with the kids. It makes memories and is good for both of you.
  • Plan that call to your long-winded friend. Everyone has one of those friends or family members who talks on the phone continuously, barely taking a breath. Make your workout time your phone time too. Put them on speaker and have a workout you can do in a limited area.
  • Make your housework your exercise. Rather than walking with a basket of laundry to the laundry room, run with it. Do everything faster! Take long strides. You’ll get your work done quicker and get some cardio, too.
  • Evaluate your daily schedule. Sometimes, it gets right down to priorities. Is there anything you do that isn’t that important. Maybe it’s watching television. Rather than give it up, exercise while you’re watching.

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