How To Workout And Still Have Time For Everything Else

No matter how busy you are, you can’t put a workout on the back shelf like you might with cleaning out a drawer, getting to it when you have time. You can make a few adjustments that let you workout and still have time for everything else. One of the easiest is to change your mode of transportation. If you drive to work, consider taking the bus a few days and jogging home, or at least part of the way home. Change to comfortable running clothes and if your run is too far, get off the bus early and run the rest of the way. Pace buses allow you to put your bike in a rack on the back, so you could pedal and relax on the bus the rest of the way. You’ll be burning “clean energy” and leave your car in the garage.

Split your lunch hour.

A half hour workout is better than none and you can use the other half to have a snack and get dressed for work again. Prepare several healthy snacks for the day and a light meal that won’t take forever to eat. You’ll have time to workout, eat and go back to the office feeling refreshed and probably be more productive in the afternoon.

Take the kids for a walk, ride or workout with them.

If you want a good aerobic workout, take the kids out for a run or workout with them. Is your child a toddler or younger? It’s not a problem jog behind the stroller or use a stroller design specifically for that. Strap your child to you in a baby carrier/sling and start making moves. This is great for new mothers who never seem to have enough time and can help calm a cranky baby while you’re burning calories.

Have a workout date or night out with the girls or guys group workout.

It’s always important to have both “me” time and “us” time. That’s one way group workouts can serve two purposes. You’ll spend time in group sessions, sweating together and then go out for a healthy meal afterward. It not only burns off the stress of the day, it leaves you feeling great afterward to make the evening more romantic or lighten the conversation at the gab fest that follows. Exercise builds sexual drive, so this can even help in the bedroom.

Break up your workout to smaller sessions. You may not be able to get in a half hour at one time, but ten minutes might be doable. Do three or more ten minute sessions throughout the day when you find a few minutes of time. You’ll be more energized.

Shun the elevator and take the stairs. Park further away from the door. Make small changes in daily habits to reap the reward of fitness.

Turn on the music and do housework with vigor. Dance your way through household chores for a productive multitasking workout.

Workout at your desk. There are some exercises you can do at the desk in just a few minutes. Have weights, exercise bands and other types of equipment ready for strength and flexibility training.

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