Incorporate A Stability Ball In Your Life

People often use a stability ball when they exercise for a variety of reasons. It helps your posture, your core stability and helps develop good overall muscle strength. However, you don’t have to relegate it to storage when exercising is over, you can incorporate it into your daily life. Some people use a large stability ball to sit at when they’re at the computer for long hours. It can help relieve back pain that sometimes occurs.

Using a stability ball as a chair can also help you remember to change positions.

If you’re like most people at their desk, only your fingers are moving. When you’re sitting on a stability ball, you really don’t have to remember to change positions more frequently, it will tell you. Just a minor move of the head or arms will cause immediate movement and an attempt to balance yourself. It can prevent injury or damage from sitting in one position too long.

You’ll build up those abs more quickly when you use a stability ball as a chair.

The core muscles are used to help you stay balanced and part of the network is the abdominal muscles. While you won’t get the same invigorating workout of crunches, it does provide a continuous low key workout that makes a difference over time. Since people often sit for hours at a computer or desk, those small gains add up. You’ll notice it by how your muscles feel after sitting for a long time.

Every calorie counts.

Using a stability ball as your chair can burn a few extra calories that otherwise would remain on your thigh, butt or waist as fat. (Actually, all over your body, but nobody cares if their hands have a little extra weight. You’ll probably never hear, “Do these gloves make me look fat?”) The extra movement can burn up to 350 calories a day and in 10 days, cause you to lose a pound without changing your diet or other exercise practices. While you should have a healthy diet and a good workout program, this is a bonus to help shed pounds faster.

  • If you find your back hurts when you’re trying to work, don’t buy a special chair costing hundreds. A stability ball will stop the pain just as well.
  • You’ll be more apt to take a break and move, maybe even throw in a few other exercises using the ball if you’re sitting on a stability ball.
  • If you’re prone to falling, there’s no better way to improve your balance than with the ball as your seat.
  • You’ll improve your circulation with a stability ball as your chair. That means a better complexion and improved heart health.

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