Is It Better To Workout In The Morning Or At Night

If you come to the gym at Stamford, CT, early in the morning, you probably think that a morning workout is best. However, I get a lot of people that love to burn off stress after a long day at work, so they came later. Which is the best time? Whether you workout in the morning or at night, the most important fact is that you do it consistently and schedule it for a time that allows you to do that. If you’re a night owl who barely makes it up for work, getting up even earlier is not an incentive to stick with a workout schedule. The biggest factor is you, your body’s rhythms and schedule.

Working out in the morning kick starts your system.

You’re well rested in the morning and your body is just waking up and getting processes started. If you tend to be an early morning riser, morning is probably the best time. It eliminates the possibility that other demands will deter you and lets you focus on you before the demands of your job or your family take over. You’ll boost your energy level throughout the day.

A morning workout helps fat burning.

Start your workout before breakfast and you’ll burn fat more efficiently. It gives your metabolism a jumpstart and keeps it at high throughout the day. If you workout in the evening, it also boosts your metabolism, but it isn’t long before you go to bed, lowering it. Working out too late at night can also affect your quality of sleep by increasing your energy level, making it harder to sleep at night.

Your body functions at its best later in the day.

You’re warmed up and ready to go in the evening with muscles and joints as much as 20% more flexible. That lowers the potential of injury. In most cases, your metabolism is higher and lungs are functioning better, giving you more endurance and strength. Most of all, working out in the evening can clear away all the stress of the day and make sleep both easier and welcoming.

  • When you workout in the morning, you haven’t had time to limber your joints, so they’re stiffer. It’s important to do warm up exercises no matter when you workout, but particularly important in the morning.
  • If you workout immediately upon rising, you’re running on empty, which can affect your performance. Grab a quick carb and protein combo and make sure you’re well hydrated before you start.
  • For those that aren’t night owls, you’ll be tired at the end of the day and too willing to find an excuse to call off the workout.
  • The best time to workout is when you feel the most motivated. If you hate facing the morning and find your energy level continues to rise after lunch, a workout later in the day is meant for you. For others, a morning workout may fit their lifestyle and preference.

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