Is Snacking Healthy

I have a lot of people bring snacks to the gym in Stamford, CT. Snacking can be detrimental to your health or extremely healthy. What makes the difference is the type of snack you choose. If you opt for a candy bar or bag of potato chips, then snacking definitely isn’t healthy. However, if you’re choosing fresh fruit or a cup of yogurt, then by all means, grab a snack.

Healthy snacks can help you lose weight.

If you’re ravenous, you’ll probably eat whatever is available first, which can be quite unhealthy. I’ve had clients go to the grocery right after working out and they end up buying cookies or other sweets. By the time they hit the checkout, they’ve eaten their purchase and simply scan the wrapper, often with seconds in their cart. That’s not healthy. You end up eating too much junk. Even if you do wait, dinner or lunch could end up being a super binge and your healthy eating program will go out the window. Instead, having a healthy snack available can keep your energy up and keep your appetite manageable.

Plan ahead for mid morning and mid afternoon snacks.

If you don’t have access to a refrigerator, keep your snacks simple, like single servings of nuts and seeds or a piece of fruit. In fact, natural peanut butter and sliced apples make a healthy low calorie snack. Fresh grapes with string cheese or popcorn. If you have a microwave at your office, make your own microwave popcorn. It only takes small paper lunch bags and a bag of popcorn kernels. Simple put a fourth cup of popcorn in the bag, fold the bag over at the top and put in the microwave until there are three seconds between pops.

You need extra energy for the best workout.

Don’t eat a big meal before a workout or you’re liable to leave it on the gym floor. If you eat a full meal, make it two to three hours before you workout. If it’s been longer, boost your energy level about a half hour to an hour before working out with both carbs for energy and some protein. Consider some crackers and a hard boiled egg or Greek yogurt and fruit. After the workout, you also need protein and complex carbs to repair the muscles and replenish the glycogen. You can have a bowl of brown rice with a bit of chicken and some broccoli, a hard boiled egg and toast or even just a glass of chocolate milk.

  • If you’re a grazer, have snacks ready in the refrigerator and don’t stock up on those bags of chips and pretzels. Buy a watermelon or a cantaloupe and cut it in small squares or have other fresh fruit and vegetables ready to eat. You’ll be more likely to munch on those if you have them ready.
  • Try varying your snacks. Maybe you love celery. Some people do. If you like to stuff your celery, consider thin strips of cheese or a some peanut butter.
  • Keep some healthy snacks in your car if you’re on the road a lot. Having individual bags of nuts or trail mix can be the perfect way to keep you on the straight and narrow, while boosting your nutrition with a healthy snack.
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