Let Exercise Be Your Stress Reliever

There’s no better stress reliever than exercise. A rigorous workout can burn off the hormones of stress that cause that sick-to-your-stomach, uncomfortable feeling that come with stress. We have clients at Revolution Training in Stamford, CT that workout specifically to ease the stress of their daily job and get relief. Many find that one of our boxing programs can be one of the best ways to eliminate stress and get their system functioning smoothly.

What does stress cause?

When you’re under stress, the body creates hormones that make changes, which prepares it to run or fight. In ancient times, when man first walked upright, stress came from attacks by predators and rivals. Today, attacks may occur, but often they’re verbal and even traffic jams can induce stress. There’s no place to run and no reason to fight, but that doesn’t prevent the body from creating the hormones that make the change. Our programs not only provide a great workout, some actually involve boxing!

When you’re burning off the stress hormones, the body then creates ones that make you feel good.

Not only do you get the benefit of reversing the changes that the stress hormones made to your body, you also trigger the creation of new ones that leave you feeling happy, refreshed and exhilarated, while also blocking any pain. It seems logical, since early man either ran or fought with all his or her might and might end up with injuries or pulled muscles.

Our yoga classes can help you learn to avoid the feeling of stress.

Why do people undergo stress from small things? They simply learn it. When you’re running late, sure, you might have some explaining to do and may even get into trouble, but if there’s a traffic jam, there’s nothing you can do about it. However, that sense of urgency also works in your favor when you need that extra push to get going, so you don’t want to dull it entirely. Learning to calm yourself with breathing exercises before stress takes hold can be used anywhere to prevent the stress reaction from occurring.

  • Working out not only helps you get into shape and burn off stress hormones, it also builds confidence. That extra confidence and self-assurance can also help you from feeling stressed.
  • There are aspects of boxing that fit all types of training, whether it’s cardio, strength or flexibility. Some of our classes focus on specific types of fitness, such as power boxing.
  • Stress isn’t reserved for men, women suffer from it, too. That’s why we have so many women that sign up for our boxing sessions. In fact, we believe that being strong and tough really is “ladylike.”
  • At Revolution Training, we know you’re going to love how you feel after working out. We offer a special for five bootcamp classes, one personal training session, goal assessment and nutritional counseling for just $49.99.

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