Reasons Why You’re Not Getting The Results You Want

If you’re doing everything you believe is right, but still not getting the results you want, maybe you need to change things up and do something different. At Revolution Training in Stamford, CT we focus on helping people achieve their goals, getting stronger, losing weight and achieving the fitness goals you desire, while having fun. One problem that faces many people, particularly after a few months or years of exercise, is that they plateau and stop achieving more or the results come slower. It’s a common problem that occurs when you do the same workout continuously.

Some people run and there’s nothing wrong with that, but it shouldn’t be all you do.

If you love running, I say, “go for it!” Always do things you love as part of your fitness routine. It makes staying fit even more worthwhile. However, running can only help you so much, It’s cardio and it does burn fat, but it also burns muscle tissue and doesn’t work the whole body. You need to mix up your workout. Do some strength training, take a yoga class or learn to box. Boxing is a full body workout that is continuously changing. No two sessions are alike, so you’ll never plateau.

Why does plateauing occur.

Your body was designed to work at peak performance, so it’s constantly fine-tuning every muscle. The more you do any type of movement, the more adept the body becomes at doing it. That also means it burns fewer calories, since it’s more efficient. Just like using various types of exercise, it you’re doing a workout routine, it needs to vary too. You can’t do the same routine for years and expect to continue to see results. Make your workout more intense as you get fitter and add variety to work all muscles on all planes.

It’s not always about how hard you work.

Sometimes, your spoon and fork are to blame…or in the case of burgers and fries, your hands. What you eat plays a huge role not only in how much you weigh, but your overall health and progress in the gym. No matter how much you workout to build muscle and strength, you can’t out-exercise a bad diet. A great body, a healthy body, starts in the kitchen. Cut out sugary treats and fatty fried foods and focus on more fruits and vegetables, with lean protein to build muscle tissue.

  • We’ll help you with a diet that’s created specifically for your goals and needs. A healthy diet can help you lose weight, build muscle and become healthier and more energetic.
  • Shaking things up a bit and varying your training can be as simple as varying your intensity within the session. Consider HIIT training. HIIT is high intensity interval training where you vary the intensity from high intensity to recovery and back. It burns tons of calories and conditions the body quickly.
  • Are your daily habits outside the gym affecting your progress. Are you getting enough sleep? Get at least 8 hours. Are you drinking soft drinks or higher calorie alcoholic drinks? Both add calories. Try water.
  • Could you be measuring your success wrong? It’s not all about weight loss. Sometimes, you’re making great strides even though the scales don’t show it. Muscle weighs more than fat does, so if your weight doesn’t change, but you’ve lost inches, you’ve gained muscle and lost fat.

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