Stay Mentally Motivated

I hear all sorts of reasons from people on why they started their workout program. Some of those reasons include feeling better, getting healthier, adding endurance and looking fabulous. What often happens to the grand plans is they fall by the wayside when immediate results aren’t coming. There are ways to stay mentally motivated and stick with your fitness plan. You need to find ones that suit you and latch on to them.

Make fitness fun.

One reason I see so much success here, is that boxing brings a whole new dimension to the fitness game. It’s actually fun. If you’ve never boxed before or even mixed it up informally, it gives a feeling of empowerment. If you have a frustrating job or life, nothing is better than punching that bag to get rid of stress. For those who are super competitive, this is a great sport for you. It’s never boring and you’re always doing something different.

Reward yourself with more than just good health.

Sure, looking great and feeling great are the ultimate reward, but most people feel exhausted after their first few workouts and that good health and great body are just too far down the road to impress them. You need a real, immediate reward after you workout. Maybe it’s a power smoothie that’s yummy, but also good for you. Maybe the key to motivate you is cash! Keep a small bank in your gym bag and tuck a buck or two away after each workout. Decide when you get to spend it, whether it’s a month or longer, and take it out then, but only if you don’t miss a single workout. Give yourself permission to spend it anything you choose. Watching the money grow can be a visual reward.

Workout with others.

Comradery from others with similar goals is a huge motivator. You can cheer each other on to success. That’s also one reason boxing is so popular. While you may do some training solo, for the ultimate challenge, you need a partner. When you have a welcoming environment where you know everyone, you’re more apt to keep going.

  • Create written measurable goals with a time table achieving them. Once you have a goal, you can create a plan of action and track your progress toward the goal.
  • Don’t worry about impressing others or achieving more. Your main opponent is yourself and breaking your own records for athletic feats, like the number of sit ups you do, is what it’s all about.
  • Keep your eye on the ultimate goal, but also break it down to smaller goals you can achieve quickly to get a boost of confidence and success.
  • Keep a positive attitude. Sure you’ll have some nights when a few choice words might slip out, but that shouldn’t affect your overall positive attitude toward your fitness goal. Sometimes, you just have to do it, knowing that in the end it will all be worth the effort.

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