Unusual Workout Places

You really don’t need to hate the gym or traditional workouts for that matter, to appreciate finding some unusual workout places to provide a little variety in your exercise routine. That’s one reason our kickboxing classes are so popular. You get into shape without even realizing how hard you’re working. It’s fun and has a dual sense of purpose. Even though it provides a grueling full body workout, you only focus on the fun of winning the match or learning something new to help you do that. Here are some other workouts I thought might be fun to do.

You’re never too old for ballet lessons.

Before you start picturing yourself in a little tutu up on toe, you have to prepare for the dance. Ballet builds strength and flexibility, but it’s short on cardio. Before I hear all the clamor about the strenuous workout and the burst of speed you see when you watch ballet, let remind you that when you take ballet classes, you will NOT be a prima ballerina initially, but be learning all the basic steps. Most of these require focus, flexibility and strength, but are done slowly. Ballet is a complementary exercise for many sports, including kickboxing. It provides grace and flexibility you need.

Kangoo jump workouts can be done anywhere there’s a solid surface.

I’ve seen these used in gyms, on the lawn and sidewalks. These are running shoes with a twist. They’re springy and absorb 80 to 90 percent of the impact to help protect your joints, making them a good choice for anyone that wants to run, but doesn’t want to feel it in their joints for days following. These are also great for really overweight people who find the high impact of running can put them out of commission for days. Best of all, they make a workout a blast!

Bounce your way to fitness and have fun with the family.

Trampolines and the new mini-trampoline craze are more than just fun. They’re a great workout that can get your heart racing and improve your cardiovascular system. You’ll build great leg muscles while you do it and have a blast. This is one trend the whole family can enjoy and you’ll find yourself laughing all the way through the workout.

Pole dancers work harder than you think, so taking a class provides acrobatic strength and stamina you might not expect.

Go retro and break out the hula hoop. The trend from the 50s and 60s has re-emerged as a form of exercise that most baby boomers already know how to do. It’s a good total body workout that builds endurance and flexibility too.

Water workouts taken to the next level have become extremely popular. Forget those slow graceful movements and substitute hard hitting aerobics and jogging and you’ll have this new workout that burns as much as 800 calories each class.

Altitude training will take you to the mountains to do your workout without leaving the gym. It simulates the low oxygen levels at high altitudes by adding 7 % nitrogen to the workout area and reducing the oxygen by as much as 21%.

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