What Are Superset Workouts?

If you’ve heard of circuit training, you might have thought it was the same as superset workouts. They’re similar, but not quite the same. When you do circuit training, you’re doing several different exercises, one after another, with a minimum amount of rest between each type exercise. With supersets, you’ll perform just two exercises, normally these are strength training exercises, one right after another.

Consider doing supersets that work the same muscle groups or two opposing muscle groups.

You can focus on working one muscle group or muscle, or work opposing groups using supersets. You can use weights or bodyweight workouts to do supersets. You can do a set of bicep curls of ten reps, followed by a set of a set of ten push-ups or triceps extensions. You can combine bodyweight exercises with other bodyweight exercises, like push-ups and pull-ups. Adding supersets to your workout can add interest and make it more fun, plus provide other benefits.

When you do supersets that work the same muscle groups, you’ll maximize your workout, adding intensity.

You may be able to do a lot of reps and sets for a close-grip bench press and the same for a push-up, but when you combine the two into a superset, you increase the intensity. You’ll be using your muscles in a slightly different manner with each, so it makes it feel like you’re doing something brand new and working your muscles harder. It can cause muscle overload without the need for heavy weights. Supersets are beneficial particularly when you don’t have weights and strictly use bodyweight training as your exercises.

Modify your superset.

Supersets are great for variety. You can add even more variety by doing one exercise that works a whole group of muscles, then isolating just one muscle with the second exercise, or visa versa. Create supersets of two compound exercises or two isolation exercises. You can also do a superset that involves working on two different types of fitness. Combining jogging with plie squats and you’ll have both cardio and strength training.

  • When you do supersets, you can shave off some time from your workouts. Just like HIIT workouts, they’re more efficient, so you won’t have to workout as long to get the same benefits.
  • Supersets can make your workout more interesting. It’s fun to see the various combinations you can make. They’re a great way to get into shape for boxing that makes similar demands on the body.
  • You’ll build your stamina with supersets. They can be extremely difficult to do, particularly going from one to another without rest. Before you use an exercise for a superset, make sure you have the form perfected.
  • Many of the punching bag and training workouts we do for boxing at Revolution Training are examples of supersets.

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