Working Out While Traveling

If you’re away from Stamford, CT, it doesn’t matter whether you’ve traveled to relatives, are enjoying yourself on a sandy beach or enduring a conference, it’s not a reason to let your efforts to be fit slide. While working out while traveling isn’t always easy, it’s not impossible either. You have to plan for it, rather than just hope there’s a way to make it happen. Just like sticking with a healthy diet is important every day, so is keeping up a schedule of regular workouts.

Consider taking a gym with you.

Of course, this doesn’t mean you really take a gym with you, but can mean taking some exercise equipment that’s particularly easy to carry and small. Consider resistance bands tucked nicely into your luggage. They’re light, small and great for working out in a small hotel or motel room. Jump ropes, core sliders and Monkey bars are all equipment that can fit in your suitcase or car without taking much more room than the now antiquated roadmap.

Grab an exercise mat and do some body weight exercises.

Of course, people were fit long before there were gyms everywhere. You don’t need a lot of machines to help you. Body weight exercises are a perfect workout and require no equipment, unless you want a mat for the floor…just in case the cleaning crew for your hotel room wasn’t nearly as thorough as it should have been. Part of the workout at the gym is bodyweight training, so you already know many of the exercises.

Check ahead and see if the hotel has a gym in it.

If you really insist on using traditional gym equipment, there’s no reason to panic. Many of the hotels and motels across the country offer gym use as part of their room cost. If you can’t find one that does, consider going aquatic. See if they have a pool and do some swimercising. It can be a nice change of pace and something the whole family can do together.

  • Choose to go on foot whenever you can. Walking is still a great form of exercise and a full day of walking will wear you out in ways you’ve never imagined.
  • Opt for an active vacation if you have a choice. While walking and sightseeing are a great idea for exercise, consider rock climbing, surfing and bicycling, just to name a few options. The more active you are on your vacation, the less you have to worry about getting in that gym style workout.
  • Pay just as close attention to what you eat as how or when you workout. Keep it healthy on a vacation, there’s often loads of choices. You’ll notice the difference in how you feel almost immediately when you opt for unhealthy ones.
  • Stay hydrated. That’s the best tip of all. Keep bottled water on hand every minute of your trip away. If you’re going for business, just make sure you’re hydrated before and after a workout.

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