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You’ll get a real workout at an Alexandria boot camp, but also see massive changes to your overall fitness and endurance. Boot camps are run by personal trainers who don’t use a cookie cutter approach to fitness. Trainers first assess each person’s fitness level, then listen to goals and any special needs. If a person has a special need, such as a bad back, the trainer may need to modify their workout to accommodate that problem.

You’ll be working at your maximum potential at a boot camp.

One reason trainers assess your fitness is to insure they create a program that’s working you toward your maximum capabilities, but still within your reach. They also use that information to help track your progress and as it improves, make adjustments to your workout to reflect that improvement. That way, you’re always working your hardest. That means you’ll also be seeing maximum results.

You’ll have all the benefits of working with a personal trainer but at a fraction of private session costs.

Everyone shares the cost of the trainer’s time at a boot camp, so it’s far less per person. You’ll still get the same personalized attention, such as your own workout program. You’ll also be learning how to do each exercise correctly. Not only will the trainer show you how to do it, he or she will watch to insure you do it right.

Everyone will be doing the same type of exercise, but sometimes with a different form or at different levels of intensity.

While the whole group might be doing push-ups, some will do a modified bent-knee form, while others may be doing them in regular push-up position, more repetitions or even one handed ones. Each person will be working toward his or her maximum. Those doing modified bent knee forms will eventually work toward regular push-up form.

  • Everyone will be working their hardest, so they have a great deal of empathy for the other participants. You’ll often hear people cheering each other on or applauding when someone accomplishes a difficult goal.
  • Boot camps can be a lot of fun. While it’s hard work, that doesn’t mean it can’t be fun. You’ll meet other people with similar fitness goals and sometimes even find a workout buddy and new friend.
  • You’ll feel fantastic after working out. Initially, you might feel sore muscles, but after a few weeks, you’ll start looking forward to each session. That’s because exercising helps burn off the hormones created by stress and replaces them with ones that make you feel good.
  • You’ll love how you look after a short time. You’ll start seeing dramatic changes, such as weight loss and a toner, firmer body.

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