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There are a lot of reasons that kickboxing classes in Alexandria, VA can help you lose weight. The one that people normally consider is that it burns calories. That’s extremely true. It actually has an afterburn effect where you continue to burn them after the exercise ends. Kickboxing has the same effect as an HIIT—high intensity interval training. That’s where you move at top speed for a short period and then at recovery or moderate speed for an equally long or longer time. That type of training is a top calorie burner.

Kickboxing gives you a full body workout.

There’s no doubt about it, kickboxing builds great core strength, but also builds the muscles in your arms and legs. When you practice kickboxing, you use elbows, feet, legs and core muscles. You’re using them in all ways, so it not only builds muscle strength, it builds endurance, flexibility and balance, too. You’ll build muscles all over your body and be able to workout longer.

Kickboxing is fun, so you’ll be more apt to stick with the program.

No matter what type of weight loss program or fitness program you start doing, you have to stick with it to see results. Consistency is the key. If you go into your workout dreading it, find you’re watching the clock more than paying attention to the workout and leave it relieved that your done, you probably won’t stick with it very long. Kickboxing is both social and active. It’s fun. You actually look forward to working out and the time seems to pass quickly. You’ll be ready to come back the minute you leave.

Kickboxing is a great self-defense program.

You’ll feel strong and fit when you stick with the program and be ready for anything life has to offer. That includes defending yourself. While you never want to take chances and not be aware of danger, if you find yourself in a struggle with someone that intends to do you harm, you’ll have the tools to defend yourself, even if it’s just long enough to get free and run.

  • Don’t worry, you won’t bulk up when you kickbox. It builds sinewy muscles that give you a fit look, but not bulk.
  • When you practice kickboxing, you’ll boost your confidence level. It helps improve your posture, so you’ll not only feel more confident, you’ll look more confident, too.
  • Kickboxing provides community. Everyone helps each other and is learning new moves and defenses. It’s very social and can provide more motivation to do your best.
  • Once you start kickboxing, you’ll find that you want to make other changes in your life, like eating healthy to boost your progress even faster.

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