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Whether you want to shed a few pounds, have a lot of weight to lose or just want to get into better shape, a boot camp in Alexandria, VA might be perfect for your needs. Boot camps are run by personal trainers and they’re a way to get the most for your exercise dollar. When you workout at a boot camp, you’re working on a program a trainer designed specifically for your needs. Before you started at the boot camp, the trainer learned your goals, any special needs—such as physical limitations—and assessed your overall fitness. He or she identified weaker muscle groups and your level of fitness in all areas, balance, flexibility, endurance and strength.

It may look like everyone is doing the same thing, but each person has a different program.

While everyone might look like they’re doing push-ups, if you look closely, you’ll notice differences. Some people are struggling with fewer repetitions. Others are using a different form, like the bent knee push-up. Each person has a different program based on his or her fitness level. The trainer watches to ensure everyone is using the proper form and doing the exercises correctly.

Boot camps will have you working out hard, but you’ll reap huge rewards for your effort.

The trainer designed each person’s program to have them work toward their top potential. As the individual’s program becomes easy for them, it means their fitness level improved and so did their potential. That’s when the trainer adjusts the program to match their new fitness level. It will be harder, but before long, that too will be conquered. Then the trainer adjusts it again!

There’s a lot of friendship at the boot camp.

While each person has a different fitness goal, everyone has the same ultimate goal, to look and feel better. Each person is also working their hardest to achieve it. That group effort creates lots of bonds and comradery. You’ll often see people cheering one another on to successfully completing a tough workout. There are high-fives and lots of good vibes.

  • When you go to a fitness boot camp, you get a huge bargain. While you get all the expertise of a personal trainer, it’s at a fraction of the cost. Everyone in the group shares the price of the trainer’s time, so it’s less per person.
  • Some boot camps offer information on healthy eating. These are good when weight loss is one of your goals.
  • You’ll find it super tough at first, but within a short time, see a huge boost in your energy level. That and the changes you see in your body will keep you motivated.
  • You’ll learn loads of exercises at a boot camp that you can use when the boot camp ends.

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