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There’s a lot of reasons people put off starting a program of healthy eating and exercise. One of those reasons is often fear, especially if the person hasn’t worked out in ages or never has exercised. It can be quite intimidating to find a program that’s right and one that you can do. Even eating healthy can be intimidating. There’s so many articles on the internet about what’s healthy and what’s not. To make matters worse, manufacturers are always claiming their products are healthy, only to find out later, they’ve lied. Getting help from a personal trainer in Arlington VA can make it far easier.

A personal trainer first learns about you before he or she designs a program.

The trainer first asks about your goals, physical limitations—like back problems or other special needs—and then does an assessment of your fitness level. He or she may have you do some sample exercises, just to see how strong or flexible you are or how much endurance you have. The trainer will identify specific muscle groups that require more work, too. Only then does the trainer design a program that’s specifically for you.

Group exercise sessions may not be right for you, unless they’re run by a personal trainer.

Nobody likes to be the new person in those group classes where a person is in front leading the group and not even paying attention to what they’re doing. Everyone knows the routine and you’re left fumbling behind. By the time you figure out the first exercise, they’ve moved on to the next one. Not all group classes are like that. Those run by personal trainers are very different. Each person in the group has his or her own program and the trainer watches to ensure each person does the movements correctly.

Trainers help you eat healthier.

Trainers don’t give you a diet. Diets just don’t work. They always end and you go back to old eating habits that put on the weight in the first place. Instead, trainers show you how to eat healthier and how to make smarter food choices. Some of the changes may be trashing junk food and replacing it with fresh fruits and vegetables or even learning to cook healthier. You’ll feel better after changing your diet.

  • Group sessions run by trainers are often called boot camps. They’re very cost effective, since everyone pays for the trainer’s time. That makes it less per capita than private sessions, but you still get the trainer’s expertise.
  • Trainers may provide sample menus for you until you understand how to create your own. It makes it far simpler when you’re first starting out on a fitness program.
  • When you work with a personal trainer, he or she will vary the program to avoid plateauing. Plateauing occurs when the body becomes too efficient at doing an exercise and burns fewer calories.
  • Working with a personal trainer gets results faster. Results are the motivation to continue. You’ll love the changes and all the energy you’ll build.

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