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When losing weight seems impossible, no matter how much you starve yourself, maybe that’s the problem. You’ve been starving yourself. A super low calorie diet can actually cause your metabolism to slow and make it even more difficult to shed weight. That’s why it may be better to start over and get the help of a nutritionist in Alexandria, VA. You won’t get a diet from a nutritionist.

What? No diet, you say?

That’s right. Dieting doesn’t work, but making healthier choices, does. Nutritionists may give you samples of how to eat healthy and menus to follow until you learn all the tips and tricks, but basically, he or she will show you how to make smarter decisions about food. It might be as simple as carrying fruit to work so you don’t grab a candy bar or donut for a snack. It might be learning how to cook different or some small calorie savings that also boost nutrition, like using Greek yogurt for baked potatoes instead of sour cream. You’ll be able to eat healthy anywhere when you’re armed with all the information.

You will give up some foods, but be glad you did.

While you might not be dieting, not all foods are healthy. Highly processed foods or high sugar foods, for instance, like cookies, processed meats and chips won’t be on the healthy list. Whole foods are the best types of foods. There’s the food that’s closest to their natural state, like a fresh apple or lean meat that’s been grilled. It may take a few weeks to adjust to no donut in the morning or no fries with your salad, but it won’t take long before you won’t miss it at all.

You’ll love the new way of eating and never feel deprived.

The more you learn about healthy eating, the more you’ll realize just how great it tastes. In fact, you probably will find that you feel like it’s similar to gourmet cooking, since there’s often many herbs and spices used. Herbs and spices add flavor without adding extra calories. The food leaves you feeling satisfied without feeling stuffed with that heavy feeling in your stomach. You’ll probably want to share the program with everyone. It’s just that good.

  • Don’t worry, you still can eat your favorite foods. You just won’t be able to eat as much of it as you did before or as often.
  • While the nutritionist will start you with a program of menus, which makes it easier to follow and stick with healthy eating, eventually you’ll develop the knowledge to do it on your own and make smart choices without a problem.
  • Some nutritionists work alone. Others work with personal trainers or are personal trainers that worked on certification.
  • If your nutritionist is a personal trainer, he or she can also create a workout program to help you lose weight even faster.

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