Just you and a water!

Athletic Shoes and comfortable clothing that allows you to move and sweat.

Simply let a coach or member know it’s your first day. Fill out our liability waiver with your contact information, goals, and interests.  When class starts, your coach will tell you what equipment you need and teach you how to do the moves. 

Yes our classes are created for all levels. This is what we do best. Our coaches give 2-3 alternatives for each move so you can DO YOU!

Our classes are 45-minutes long; tailored to get maximum results in minimal time and give you a continuous burn for 48-hours after the workout.


What Our worx Clients Say

  • I have lost a total of 52 pounds and 9 inches off my waist

    Before joining The WorX family I had trouble finding motivation to work out on my own. I wanted to lose weight and be healthy, but I didn’t have the drive. The WroX is where I found the drive and support I needed to accomplish my goals.

    During the January Journey I lost 14 pounds and 3 inches off my waist. Since starting to workout I have lost a total of 52 pounds and 9 inches off my waist. I have gained so much confidence and both physical and emotional strength form The WorX. I have even become more social than I was before.

  • I surpassed my goal of 15lbs and lost 20lbs!”

    I lost 20lbs and now down to a weight that I have not seen in TEN years! The TeamWorX Transformation Challenge was the best six weeks I could have ever committed myself to and will not stop there; I am finally doing something for me. My whole life, I have gained three times the amount of a weight the average person would gain and would fluctuate in pant size throughout the week. Being adopted, it was difficult for doctors to rule out what could be causing this extreme weight gain. After many years of readjusting my diet (which somewhat worked but always seemed to plateau), seeing different doctors, and trying different exercises, I was finally diagnosed with Polycystic Ovary Syndrome (PCOS). Genetic conditions? Severe obesity.

    After discovering this news, I decided to really focus on me. I joined the WorX and was introduced to this six week challenge. I took the risk to invest in a fitness routine that would normally terrify me but have now become my favorite part of the day! The meal plan works with PCOS, the coaches taught me (and continue to teach me) how the food and exercises wok together in correlation with the changes in my body, and the support from the WorX family kept me accountable and committed to reach my goals. I surpassed my goal of 15lbs and lost 20lbs!

    I loved this challenge so much that I am now committed to making this not just a six week change, but my new lifestyle! I have learned to take control of conditions that were genetically passed down and also learned how to pass my plateau! I’m still losing and could not be happier and loving every step towards new goals of maintaining my new lifestyle.

  • “Nina Lost 25 lbs!”

    I’ve lost 25 lbs and am feeling sexy when I go out!

    To be honest with you, I love food! You’ll often find me eating throughout the day. I have come to be known as the one who always, without hesitation, goes back for seconds at family dinner parties. It wasn’t until after my first year in college when if finally caught up to me. It was the first time in my life that I no longer participated in sports, and I unfortunately gain a total of 15 lbs. I was no longer comfortable in my own skin and began to doubt my self-image.

    About 2 1/2 years ago I discovered Maia’s challenging Boot camp classes. It was through her workouts, support, and encouragement that I was able to lose an additional 15 lbs. Weighing less than I did in high school! My goal was not so much losing weight and becoming a stick, but rather to be comfortable in my own skin again, which has happened!

  • In the first 6-8 months I lost all my fat

    Before joining the WorX, I was working as a cashier 12 hours everyday and commuting 40 miles to and from work. I had to time to cook for myself, so my diet consisted of anything I could get a hold of. I accumulated a lot of fat in my belly area and my knees started swelling up after the first year of the job. Within another few months my back started hurting. I wondered if this is what it is like at the age of 25.

    In the first 6-8 months I lost all my fat, my knees got stronger, and my back pain vanished. I would even work for 12 hours and not get tired.

    My Life has completely changed du to The WorX. I feel stronger emotionally and physically, my entire attitude towards life changed. I believe anything is possible, we just need to find the right people to guide us!

  • I have lost 14 pounds and over 5 inches around my waist alone

    I have surpassed many goals that I didn’t believe were possible in this short amount of time. The WorX has given me the endurance to be able to run non-stop for at least 40 minutes, when previously I could not even run 10. Thanks to The WorX, I am now able to fit into my size 8 clothes and still have room!

    I have lost 14 pounds and over 5 inches around my waist alone, not to mention inches everywhere else!