I surpassed my goal of 15lbs and lost 20lbs!”

    I lost 20lbs and now down to a weight that I have not seen in TEN years! The TeamWorX Transformation Challenge was the best six weeks I could have ever committed myself to and will not stop there; I am finally doing something for me. My whole life, I have gained three times the amount of a weight the average person would gain and would fluctuate in pant size throughout the week. Being adopted, it was difficult for doctors to rule out what could be causing this extreme weight gain. After many years of readjusting my diet (which somewhat worked but always seemed to plateau), seeing different doctors, and trying different exercises, I was finally diagnosed with Polycystic Ovary Syndrome (PCOS). Genetic conditions? Severe obesity.

    After discovering this news, I decided to really focus on me. I joined the WorX and was introduced to this six week challenge. I took the risk to invest in a fitness routine that would normally terrify me but have now become my favorite part of the day! The meal plan works with PCOS, the coaches taught me (and continue to teach me) how the food and exercises wok together in correlation with the changes in my body, and the support from the WorX family kept me accountable and committed to reach my goals. I surpassed my goal of 15lbs and lost 20lbs!

    I loved this challenge so much that I am now committed to making this not just a six week change, but my new lifestyle! I have learned to take control of conditions that were genetically passed down and also learned how to pass my plateau! I’m still losing and could not be happier and loving every step towards new goals of maintaining my new lifestyle.