In the first 6-8 months I lost all my fat

    Before joining the WorX, I was working as a cashier 12 hours everyday and commuting 40 miles to and from work. I had to time to cook for myself, so my diet consisted of anything I could get a hold of. I accumulated a lot of fat in my belly area and my knees started swelling up after the first year of the job. Within another few months my back started hurting. I wondered if this is what it is like at the age of 25.

    In the first 6-8 months I lost all my fat, my knees got stronger, and my back pain vanished. I would even work for 12 hours and not get tired.

    My Life has completely changed du to The WorX. I feel stronger emotionally and physically, my entire attitude towards life changed. I believe anything is possible, we just need to find the right people to guide us!