Have A Guilt Free Thanksgiving

%image_alt%You don’t have to give up all the pleasures of the holidays just because you’re dieting. You can have a guilt free Thanksgiving and enjoy the bounty that this holiday is best known. Eating healthy doesn’t mean starving yourself. In fact, it’s far from that. Most people that opt for a program of healthy eating find they’re eating more, enjoying it more and feeling great when they see the pounds come off and their energy level rising. There are some things you can do to stay on track and still celebrate with the family, enjoying every minute of the holiday. You’ll be thankful you did.

Learn to eat some foods in moderation.

You can still have a slice of pie or a serving of mashed potatoes, but in moderation. Learning which foods spell trouble for your waistline can help you choose alternatives that are bound to be at the table and nobody will be the wiser. Be aware of the best choices if you have several selections. Pumpkin pie may be a better choice than pecan pie for calorie savings and choosing a small dab of whipped cream or none at all may be a better choice. Even though whipped cream is far higher in calories, whipped topping contains some dubious ingredients that have negative effects on the body. There’s approximately 75 extra calories for whipped cream, but it may end up worth the extra 75 calories.

Make your contribution lower in calories and higher in nutrition.

Most family get-togethers are potluck style, where everyone brings a dish. You can make a healthy contribution by using a recipe that’s good for you, lower in calories and tastes delicious. You may even end up being a trendsetter, helping your whole family to enjoy healthier food. Change the way you make your favorite dish, such as using a lower calorie crust for pies or adding less butter to the mashed potatoes and making it butter from grass fed cows.

Learn what to eat more of and what to barely sample.

Everyone notices when people shun the dish they brought, which may be the food you love the most! Rather than giving up your favorite marshmallow-topped sweet potato casserole that Aunt Meg makes, fill your plate with healthier options and put a spoonful prominently in view. Take fewer marshmallows and more sweet potatoes in the process. She’ll notice you took some but be way to busy to notice how much. You’ll have the pleasure of eating your favorite food, but in far more moderation.

Stick with the least processed foods and fill up on whole foods at the veggie tray. Bring a low calorie healthy dip as an extra dish for the family to sample. Let them know it’s a new recipe you just had to try, but not that it’s a lower calorie healthier version.

If you’ve tried your hardest, but still ended up gobbling everything in sight, it shouldn’t end your program of healthy eating. Even the fittest, trimmest people gorge themselves on high calorie foods, but then go back to old eating habits.

Make sure the turkey is roasted on a rack so the fat can drip down and if deep frying it is a new family tradition, you use the right oil and a high temperature that seals the skin to avoid absorption of fat.

Start your Thanksgiving off right. After you start the turkey, go for a walk or a run. Exercise inside if walking or running isn’t an option and get at least a half hour of it. Exercise helps relieve the stress and can make you feel less hungry.

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