Do Sports Supplements Help With Workouts?

If you come to TeamWorx in Alexandria, VA, you’ll get help with both in the area of fitness and nutrition. For most people, eating healthy is enough to make a difference and improve their overall fitness level. However, some people want to take it a step further and have asked whether sports supplements could provide more benefit from their workouts/ Do these supplements actually help them and are there negatives to using them, besides the additional cost?

It may be more difficult for you to get all the nutrition you need from your diet.

If you’re pushing yourself hard, trying to lose weight, are a senior or have digestive issues, getting adequate nutrition, particularly protein, may be more difficult. That’s even truer for people who follow a vegetarian lifestyle. For those pushing themselves hard in the gym, supplements can increase endurance and performance, but it all depends on the supplement itself.

You can get some of the same benefits without the cost.

If you want to energize your workout, get a good night’s sleep. However, some supplements can also do that. Most contain a stimulant, like caffeine. It’s far cheaper to have a cup of coffee before a workout. Eating a pre-workout snack can also provide many of the benefits. Food high in B vitamins, beets, and a combination of carbs and protein can add energy to your workout. They also can provide a protein boost. Creatine, which is in many supplements, is found in meat, chicken, salmon and tuna, so a little tuna on a cracker can be a boost.

There may be dangers to using supplements.

The Australian Sports Anti-Doping Authority investigated sports supplements and found that for every five tested, at least one had banned substances, which were either anabolic drugs or stimulants. They also found that the supplements weren’t regulated and may not be safe to use. Those that contained high amounts of creatine or protein could raise blood pressure significantly. Some had androgenic steroids that may not be listed. They can cause androgen deficiency that leads to hypogonadism—a production of too little sex hormones, including testosterone, which affects muscle building.

  • In order to get a pure supplement that’s been thoroughly tested, it costs a lot of money. It’s far better to have a healthy snack before a workout, which is far less expensive and more satisfying.
  • Some supplements replenish electrolytes. However, the person who does an average workout doesn’t need it. If you’re doing an intense workout for over an hour or during hot weather, using a high quality sports drink can help.
  • People who find it difficult to get adequate protein, particularly older people and vegetarians, may find it beneficial to use a high quality protein powder that has all the essential amino acids as a supplement.
  • Sport supplements can improve recovery time, but so can a healthy snack after a workout. Following a healthy diet, plus including a nutritious pre-workout and post-workout snack may be all you need. We can help you with nutritional advice to get the best results.

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