Do Sports Supplements Help With Workouts?

Do Sports Supplements Help With Workouts?

If you come to TeamWorx in Alexandria, VA, you’ll get help with both in the area of fitness and nutrition. For most people, eating healthy is enough to make a difference and improve their overall fitness level. However, some people want to take it a step further and have asked whether sports supplements could provide more benefit from their workouts/ Do these supplements actually help them and are there negatives to using them, besides the additional cost?

It may be more difficult for you to get all the nutrition you need from your diet.

If you’re pushing yourself hard, trying to lose weight, are a senior or have digestive issues, getting adequate nutrition, particularly protein, may be more difficult. That’s even truer for people who follow a vegetarian lifestyle. For those pushing themselves hard in the gym, supplements can increase endurance and performance, but it all depends on the supplement itself.

You can get some of the same benefits without the cost.

If you want to energize your workout, get a good night’s sleep. However, some supplements can also do that. Most contain a stimulant, like caffeine. It’s far cheaper to have a cup of coffee before a workout. Eating a pre-workout snack can also provide many of the benefits. Food high in B vitamins, beets, and a combination of carbs and protein can add energy to your workout. They also can provide a protein boost. Creatine, which is in many supplements, is found in meat, chicken, salmon and tuna, so a little tuna on a cracker can be a boost.

There may be dangers to using supplements.

The Australian Sports Anti-Doping Authority investigated sports supplements and found that for every five tested, at least one had banned substances, which were either anabolic drugs or stimulants. They also found that the supplements weren’t regulated and may not be safe to use. Those that contained high amounts of creatine or protein could raise blood pressure significantly. Some had androgenic steroids that may not be listed. They can cause androgen deficiency that leads to hypogonadism—a production of too little sex hormones, including testosterone, which affects muscle building.

  • In order to get a pure supplement that’s been thoroughly tested, it costs a lot of money. It’s far better to have a healthy snack before a workout, which is far less expensive and more satisfying.
  • Some supplements replenish electrolytes. However, the person who does an average workout doesn’t need it. If you’re doing an intense workout for over an hour or during hot weather, using a high quality sports drink can help.
  • People who find it difficult to get adequate protein, particularly older people and vegetarians, may find it beneficial to use a high quality protein powder that has all the essential amino acids as a supplement.
  • Sport supplements can improve recovery time, but so can a healthy snack after a workout. Following a healthy diet, plus including a nutritious pre-workout and post-workout snack may be all you need. We can help you with nutritional advice to get the best results.

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Staying Healthy As A Busy Mom

Staying Healthy As A Busy Mom

If you’ve ever listened to the talk the airlines give before taking off, you’ll hear that parents should put on oxygen masks before fitting one on their child. That almost sounds counter to intuition, but there’s a good reason. The adult needs to stay alert to take care of the child. The same is true about staying healthy, especially if you’re busy with being a parent, work and everything taking care of a family entails.

You’ll be surprised at how quickly you can get things done when you’re healthier.

If you’re tired, it’s harder to get things done quickly. You simply move slower. When you’re fit, have adequate sleep and more energy, you literally zip through tasks, even mental ones. Getting fit by exercising and eating healthier can help boost your overall energy. Of course, you need adequate sleep, too. You’ll be surprised at how that extra time you took to exercise actually saves time when doing other tasks, due to the energy factor.

It isn’t selfish to take time to care for yourself.

Maybe the results of an unhealthy lifestyle won’t affect you immediately, but they can. You may be more susceptible to minor illnesses, more falls or just being too tired to finish something. Maybe the results of a lifetime of neglecting yourself will lead to a serious condition when you age. Either way, you’ll be ready to help your family when they need you most and take care of them when you live a healthier lifestyle. On the other hand, if you don’t, they could be spending their days caring for you.

Kids learn what they live.

If you’re living a healthy lifestyle, you’re putting your child in an environment where they learn how to become a healthier adult. Children look to their parents as role models and if you are overweight or have unhealthy habits, they probably will too. When you’re serving healthy meals, kids adopt that as part of their life. If you’re an active parent that participates in sports, hiking, biking or other activities, your kids will learn an active lifestyle.

  • You’ll be less cranky when you’re fit. No matter how great of a mother you are, some days the littlest thing can set you off and may even require an apology later, or at least an explanation. If you’re healthy and fit, you’ll be more apt to act with grace under pressure.
  • Have bottled water in the refrigerator for the entire family. Get your kids in the habit of drinking water instead of soft drinks, juices or sugary drinks.
  • A healthy mom also has healthier snacks ready in the refrigerator, for both her and her kids. Focusing on healthier treats as a reward can also teach your children to embrace healthier eating.
  • Being a mom may be your most important job, but it doesn’t mean you have to be a mom 24/7. You need to take time to yourself, even if it’s just a half hour a day, to de-stress and recoup. Use that time for meditation, a warm bath or just counting your blessings.

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What Are Complementary Proteins?

What Are Complementary Proteins?

Both plant and animal products contain protein. While animal products have complete proteins, many plant based proteins are incomplete. What does that mean? There are at least 20 amino acids, although that number is now in question. The body can make all but nine, which are considered essential amino acids that have to come from the food we eat. Not all plant sources have adequate amounts of each and some have certain essential amino acids missing entirely, so they’re incomplete. In order to have a complete protein, you have to eat foods with complementary proteins that total up to a complete protein.

If you’re eating quinoa, soy or buckwheat, you don’t have to mix and match proteins.

They have complete proteins, but few other plant sources do. That means you fill in the gaps to ensure you get all the essential amino acids. You can do it at one meal, by eating beans and rice, for instance, or eat complementary proteins throughout the day, like having a rice dish at noon and a bean dish at supper.

There are some natural combinations of protein that are delicious.

Beans and rice are one option, but there are many more combinations you can use. A peanut butter sandwich on whole wheat bread is another option. Tofu with rice, hummus on pita bread and noodle stir-fry with peanut or sesame seed sauce are other natural options. Of course, you can also combine animal protein with the plant protein options, like yogurt and nuts or whole grain cereal and milk.

You don’t have to worry if you’re eating animal products.

Toss in a hard-boiled egg or two, a chicken breast, yogurt or a grilled cheese sandwich and you’ll be alright, but if you’re a vegan, the balancing act gets harder. Some dependable forms of protein come from soy products. Whether you consume edamame, tofu, tempeh or soy milk, it’s a good source of protein. Another good source is quinoa, which you can use instead of rice to provide complete protein for the day.

  • While it’s harder to get adequate protein from vegetables alone, they offer other benefits most animal products can’t, like certain vitamins and minerals, plus are a good source of fiber.
  • A delicious snack is also a good source of complete protein. Hummus and whole grain chips for dipping are complementary. Hummus is made from chickpeas, which has 7.25 grams of protein per cup.
  • If you want bread that’s higher in protein and loaded with all sorts of nutritional goodness, try Ezekiel bread. Slather on some peanut butter and top with a few slices of banana for sweetness and you have a lunch that’s a complete protein.
  • There are two essential amino acids that most vegetables lack and those are lysine and methionine. Good sources for both include spirulina, sweet peppers, soy, chives and potatoes.

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How Nutrition Affects Mental Health

How Nutrition Affects Mental Health

If you’re a regular at Team Worx in Alexandria, VA, you understand that both diet and exercise affect your whole body and help you lose weight. Most people understand that exercise can boost their mood, primarily through boosting circulation, burning off hormones of stress and replacing them with feel good hormones. Nutrition affects mental health, too. Since biochemicals affect your behavior, it only makes sense that if you provide the right types of food, they’ll contain the nutrients that help boost those biochemicals.

Feed your belly bugs.

Microbes in your digestive system play a role in your mood and emotions. Studies on the gut microbiome of people with anxiety and depression compared to those that don’t show that there’s a difference in the species. Microbes that produce short-chain fatty acids, thought to regulate the nervous system, are more prominent in people without depression or anxiety. Also, people with anxiety and depression tend to have more microbes that cause inflammation. While scientists still aren’t sure why that correlation exists, some think it’s because some bacteria may stimulate the vagus nerve, one that controls such responses as heart rate, mood, digestion and the immune response. Others think it may be due to the inflammation some bacteria cause.

You’ll boost your energy when you eat healthy.

Having adequate energy is important for both the body and the brain. It’s also important to provide food that’s high in antioxidants, preventing damage from oxidative stress. In fact, many studies are following anti-inflammatory herbs and their effect on diseases of the brain like Alzheimer’s and dementia. The energy has to come from natural sources and not those with added sugar, since sugar can cause fluctuations in insulin and inflammation. Various studies show a diet high in sugar adds to the potential of mood swings and depression.

Is your brain having problems sending messages?

Your diet can also play a role in whether you have problems sleeping, your appetite patterns, mood swings and sensitivity to pain. You might be surprised, but all those things are greatly influenced by serotonin, which is created in the digestive tract. The digestive tract has millions of nerve cells and neurotransmitters, all directly affected by the gut’s microbiome. There are body and mood friendly microbes and ones that cause harm. A healthy diet improves the colonies of body and mind beneficial bacteria, fungi and other microbes.

One study showed that people who eat a diet high in whole grains, fruit and vegetables are at less risk of depression. Another study showed that schizophrenia patients who took an antibiotic targeting a certain bacterium had fewer symptoms.

One study investigated the difference between a traditional Japanese diet, the Mediterranean diet and the typical American diet and found that the more processed food the diet contained and less fermented food, the more potential for depression.

Studies show that food high in omega-3 fatty acid helped reduce the number of violent events significantly in a prison. Vitamin B, D, tryptophan and folic acid also improve mood.

Herb like cinnamon can help ADHD and reduce irritability. Dopamine rich foods, such as green tea and nuts improve focus. Dark chocolate boosts serotonin. Magnesium containing food, such as cashews, beets and summer squash are good for anxiety.

When Losing Weight, Medications Can Be Crucial

When Losing Weight, Medications Can Be Crucial

It can be a tough battle if you’re losing weight, but well worth the effort. Today, more focus than ever is focused on it, since obesity is now the leading cause of preventable death, overtaking smoking. Just like patches and medications for smoking cessation, there are medications to help boost weight loss. However, like quitting smoking, the big difference comes from the changes you make in life. For smokers, it may be going to the gym and getting more exercise to help resist the urge to smoke. For people trying to lose weight, it includes that, plus changing eating habits.

Lifestyle changes are the most important, but when you add weight loss medication it makes a big difference.

Studies on the best approach to weight loss say that lifestyle changes are necessary, but that when you combine that with medication, it boosts the weight loss by as much as 10%. Those changes in eating habits, sleeping habits and the addition of a regular workout program also increase the potential for keeping weight from returning.

Sustaining weight loss is important.

Losing weight is tough enough but keeping it off is even tougher. In order to dramatically affect health, weight loss has to be sustained. Not only does losing weight help reverse insulin resistance, but it can also help reverse type 2 diabetes or reduce the need for insulin and medications. Sustained weight loss can also improve cardiovascular conditions and help limit the effect of other diseases.

Do the drugs have any side effects or long term dangers?

There are approximately four medications that are approved for use. Bupropion-naltrexone under the name of Contrave, Liraglutide, sold as Saxenda, Orlistat called Xenical and Phentermine-topiramate sold commercially as Qsymia. Bupropion-naltrexone is an antidepressant and carries side effects of increased risk of suicide, nausea, constipation and headache. Liraglutide is used for diabetes, given by injection and may cause nausea. Orlistat can be purchased over-the-counter as Alli. It can cause gas and digestive issues and may damage the liver. Phentermine-topiramate combines two drugs, one of which is an anticonvulsant. It can be abused, since it acts like amphetamine. It also can increase blood pressure and heart rate, while increasing the risk of birth defects.

  • In order to get the right type of drug that really helps, you need to work with your health care professional. Most of these drugs are available only to the severely overweight and obese.
  • While there are risks to many of these drugs for weight loss, often the benefits outweigh the risks, particularly in the severely obese. It’s always important to work closely with your health care professional.
  • Some people using weight loss drugs take a combination of several drugs. If there are side effects, such as nausea, adjusting the dosage or combination often solves the problem.
  • Some medical professionals believe that in order to maintain the weight loss, the drugs must be taken the rest of the life of the patient. Others suggest that medication is only a supplement to aid in weight loss, for initial weight loss and until lifestyle changes become habit.

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Does Boba Have Any Nutritional Value?

Does Boba Have Any Nutritional Value?

As more and more people in Alexandria, VA, start to find the latest craze, Boba tea, I get more and more questions on its health benefits and nutritional value. First, let’s look at exactly what boba tea is. Most people trace the origins back to Taiwan, where it’s as popular as coffee is in America. It’s normally a combination of sweetened milk tea with both artificial and natural flavors in it, then topped off with tapioca pearls that look a bit like bubbles as they emerge. Hence, the name boba which is a reference to the bubbles.

You need a big straw to drink boba tea.

Unlike coffee, you don’t chug the tea, but drink it through a straw. It’s part of the fun of drinking the tea, those chewy little pearls of tapioca pop into your mouth one at a time and getting the pleasure of chewing your drink. It also comes in a variety of flavors, just like the popular coffees do today. While some of the ingredients in boba tea provide health benefits, others do not. For instance, the tea used as the base is healthy, but the sweeteners and syrups reduce the health benefits.

Plain tea vs boba tea.

Most boba tea starts out as milk tea, then tapioca balls are added. Tea of any kind has health benefits. It contains caffeine that are in smaller amounts than coffee, but still provide a benefit. Caffeine in smaller amounts is known for being heart healthy. It contains polyphenols, which are antioxidants to protect you at a cellular level. Green tea especially is also heart healthy, improves brain function, helps increase fat loss and helps prevent cancer.

It’s the fixins’ that can interfere with the health benefits.

While we all know about the benefits of milk, thanks to the Dairy Counsel, and now understand how tea is healthy, what about the rest of the drink? Boba tea that’s loaded with sweeteners and artificial flavoring isn’t the same as drinking plain tea or milk tea. Even plain milk tea has 140 calories compared to drinking plain green tea, which has zero calories. Now when you add the extra sweetener and flavored syrups, you end up with as many calories as you might consume in a meal.

  • Boba tea can be served hot or cold. It can be as simple as any type of tea with tapioca balls or as complex milk tea with a variety of flavors and jellies or other types of soft gelatinous balls as the floaters instead of tapioca pearls.
  • The tapioca pearls are traditionally made from tapioca starch and a ten gram serving contains an additional 35 calories. Even those have been changed in many cases, and sweeteners are added to boost the calorie count.
  • The syrups added to the boba tea also add additional calories, which can make it even harder to shed pounds if you drink one or two a day with all the extras. The high sugar content can increase the risk for insulin resistance.
  • Just like the healthy benefits of coffee that diminish because of the extra calories, when you order a mocha Frappuccino containing 500 Calories and sweeteners, all the additives in boba tea can diminish the health benefits of tea.

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Top Exercises For Stronger Biceps

Top Exercises For Stronger Biceps

Toned arms can make any summer outfit look fabulous and even dresses add to that stunning look. If you’re more into building great guns, these exercises for stronger biceps can help you too. The biceps have two heads and in order to maximize your workout, you have to work both heads. Many exercises can do that. If you don’t have equipment, bodyweight exercises can do the job, too. One exercise that’s exceptional and can be done anywhere, involves lifting weight, but that weight is your leg. Roll a towel lengthwise and put it behind your thigh. Hold an end in each hand. Pull until you lift your leg off the ground.

Push-ups are a favorite “oldie but goodie.”

One thing about push-ups and many other traditional bodyweight exercises. You can do push-ups the traditional way or modify it to work other muscles. The traditional method works the chest, triceps and deltoids, but when you change your hand placement, putting the hands closer together with just a few inches in between, it makes the push-ups harder and also works your biceps more. Doing an inside push-up with reverse hands further down and fingers pointing toward your feet also targets the biceps, just as one-armed push-ups do.

If you have dumbbells and a chin-up bar, you have a great biceps workout tool.

Alternating dumbbell biceps curls from one side to the other can build great muscles or tone your muscles. Go for more weight and fewer repetitions to build and more reps and lighter weight to tone. Grip toward one side of the dumbbell to build muscle even faster. It’s the added wrist action that helps. Use an underhand grip for pull-ups to work the biceps, placing your hands 6-8 inches apart. Focus on both lifting and slowly lowering your body. If you have a weight vest or dip belt, wear it during pull-ups.

Cable curls are exceptional for building biceps.

While it may seem a lot like standing barbell curls, there’s a difference. They’re similar in that you’re standing, lifting the bar with hands in shoulder-width position and an underhanded grip, however, it’s also different in the tension throughout. When you’re working with cable curls, the tension doesn’t stop at the bottom or the top, like it does with barbells. It’s constant, giving you a better workout for your biceps.

  • Do chair dips to build your biceps. You can use any type of firm chair that doesn’t have rollers or sturdy coffee table. Facing the chair, put your hands on the edge and grasp as you lower yourself toward the floor with legs out behind and do a modified push-up.
  • If you have resistance bands, they’re a good way to build biceps. You can stand on the middle, feet at shoulder-width, with one end in each hand and slowly lift hands with palms facing upward, then slowly lower them again.
  • Modifying your diet to include more protein can also help build all muscles, including the biceps. Some trainers believe that diet plays a huge role in how successful you are.
  • To maximize benefits, do your biceps exercises at the beginning of your workout and never at the end. Don’t continuously use the same routine but vary your workout frequently.

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Does Carb Timing Actually Work?

Does Carb Timing Actually Work?

At TeamWorx in Alexandria, VA, our goal is to help you become fit, which means focusing on both exercise and nutrition. During your time in the gym, we attempt to answer questions immediately, but when they are asked a lot, often answer in a blog, so you have more time for other questions. Recently, there’s a lot of talk about carb timing You may have seen it on TikTok, where people consumed Rice Krispie bars before going to the gym, but it has been part of marathons for years, but called carb loading.

Pre and post workout snacks are examples of carbohydrate timing.

Eating a combination of carbohydrates and protein before and after a workout has its benefits. These light snacks can be as simple as peanut butter on an apple or cottage cheese and fruit. The concept is that the carbs provide instant energy and the protein to help retain muscle and for a longer energy boost. After your workout, the snack helps replenish glycogen and improves muscle repair and recovery.

Stick with food without added sugar.

If you’re going to time carbs, make them healthy. While loading up on pasta may work for marathons, it doesn’t for most carb timing. To help become your fittest, snacks need to be healthy and contain no added sugar. Fresh fruit is always a good choice and so is a sweet potato. You can combine it with protein like cheese, nuts or nut products, or even a glass of milk. Avoid junk food, like soft drinks, pasta, pretzels, desserts and candy.

You can benefit from carb timing even if you aren’t planning a workout.

Once you know that consuming some carbs before a workout can help, you can use that information when you’re not going to the gym. Are you going to be in meetings all day? Go easy on the simple carbs. If you’re not using them for instant energy, they convert to fat that’s stored. Instead, opt for lighter snacks and reduce your carbohydrate intake dramatically.

  • The carbs provide fuel for exercise and if you workout without eating them first, you might not have enough energy in reserve in the form of glycogen in the muscles. Without the extra fuel, either your body breaks down muscle for energy, you don’t have as good of a workout or both.
  • If you do choose simple carbs before or after a workout, use natural choices, such as fruit, which provides other benefits. The average American diet contains far too much added sugar to maintain a healthy body. Men should have 9 teaspoons a day or less and women should have no more than 6.
  • If you choose a complex carb for carb timing, it can also improve your performance, while keeping blood sugar levels more stable. It can aid in boosting protein stores in the muscles. Whole grains are a source of complex carbs and when combined with a slice of cheese or turkey, a great snack.
  • You may not need to do carb timing before a workout if your workout isn’t intense, but just moderate intensity. If you can talk while you’re working out, it’s moderate. If you’re gasping for air, it’s high intensity.

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Will I Lose Weight As A Vegetarian?

Will I Lose Weight As A Vegetarian?

People choose to become a vegetarian for a number of reasons. I always tell people at Team Worx Fitness in Alexandria, VA, that the best way to lose weight is to eat healthy and don’t make any specific recommendations on diet. However, when asked if you can lose weight on a vegetarian diet, the answer is simple. Absolutely! That is as long as you aren’t supplementing that diet with vegetarian options of junk food and food with added sugar. It’s a bit harder to balance a vegetarian diet, but if you do, and stick with healthy principals, it might even be easier.

Is a vegetarian diet the same as a vegan diet?

Those words are often mixed, and they don’t mean the same things. Vegans don’t consume ANY animal products, including eggs or dairy. Many don’t even use products containing anything from animals, like wearing leather shoes. A vegetarian diet is a lot easier to stick with and balance, since it has both plant and animal protein. Eggs are a great source of protein. Vegetarians simply refrain from eating the flesh of animals, not all animal products.

It’s all about making healthier choices when you select food.

If you’re eating a vegetarian diet and it includes pastries and candy that’s not healthy. Sure, it doesn’t have animal meat, but it has added sugar, which comes from a plant. Too often, I’ve seen meat substitutes that are far less healthy than the original. Take Impossible Burgers for instance. They’re higher in sodium than the real thing, and they still come on a bun, with condiments galore. Choose wisely and don’t be fooled by imitation products that substitute for meat. They might not be as healthy as you think and far more fattening.

It may be easier to lose weight as a vegetarian.

Red meat has lots of calories compared to a boiled egg. Filling up on salad can actually reduce your calorie intake. Be aware that it’s not about the label you choose to call yourself, it’s about the food you eat and the calorie and health benefits or hazards it contains. Sugar comes from plants but is toxic to the system and can cause you to gain weight. Studies show vegetarians and vegans actually tend to be leaner, but it’s a generalization that depends on the food you eat within that category.

  • Nuts are a source of protein often consumed by vegetarians. However, if you opt for nuts with a thick coating of sugar, they cease being healthy and definitely won’t help you lose weight.
  • One way that vegetarianism can help with weight loss is that it increases fiber in your diet, as long as you opt for unprocessed vegetables and fruit. They help you feel full longer, so you eat less.
  • Some vegetarian options, like avocados and nuts that contain healthy fat or protein options like beans, also keep you feeling full longer. They also contain fiber that slows the release of glucose in your blood stream to aid in preventing insulin resistance.
  • No matter what your choice of diet, including vegan and vegetarian, losing weight is all about making the smartest possible choices and eating healthy.

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Healthy Sugar Alternatives

Healthy Sugar Alternatives

People want to be healthy, and often cut out foods with added sugar, but instead choose those with honey or maple syrup, which is healthier, but still sugar. There are some alternative sugar alternatives that don’t have the same effect, but may have other complications, like explosive diarrhea and gas. Still, there are times when the desire for something sweet that isn’t fruit can become important and for those times, a healthy replacement for sugar may help.

Tagatose is a new sugar substitute that may actually help diabetics.

Tagatose or D-tagatose is made from lactose, milk sugar, but it normally doesn’t affect those who are lactose intolerant. A very small minority reported gassiness and bloating. It has some health benefits, too. It has a low glycemic index is very low in net carbohydrates. In fact, it has been shown to lower blood sugar levels in people, even if they have type 2 diabetes. One trial study showed after six months of low doses, it helped reduce insulin resistance. It’s also been shown to be a prebiotic and increase short-chain fatty acid production that reduces inflammation in the gut. It may increase uric acid or lower blood sugar too much if you’re on medication for diabetes, so if you have a history of gout, kidney stones or are taking medication, discuss it with your health care professional.

Use fruit to sweeten your food.

Instead of just eating fruit, you can use it in cooking to sweeten other dishes. Figs and date paste are often used as sweeteners. Ripe bananas can add sweetness especially when mixed with yogurt. You add no extra sweetener but get the sweet taste you’d have from added sugar. Applesauce has always been a substitute for sugar and fat, but you still have to use some sugar. It can replace half the sugar or fat in baked goods. If you want a sweet cold treat on a hot summer day, freeze fruit chunks then blend it for a sorbet without any added sugar.

Monk fruit came from Southeast Asia and has been used in Chinese medicine, but now is a sugar substitute.

Monk fruit, like many alternatives to sugar, is far sweeter. In fact, it’s between 100 and 250 times sweeter than sugar, which means a little goes a long way. It’s made from the flesh of the monk fruit and has both fructose and glucose, but that isn’t what makes it sweet. It’s the antioxidant mogrosides V that it contains. It has health benefits, like immune system, digestive tract and respiratory tract support. Manufacturers often combine it with other types of sugar, so beware when you buy it that it doesn’t contain other sugar, like corn syrup or sugar alcohol.

  • Stevia, from the leaf of the Stevia rebaudiana plant, not only is an alternative sweetener that’s beneficial for diabetics, it may lower blood pressure, but only if it’s high. However, it can upset your digestive system.
  • Chicory root can also be turned into a sugar substitute that also has vitamins and minerals. It isn’t no or low calorie. Just like monk fruit, you have to be careful, since it’s sometimes mixed with other sweeteners.
  • Many companies use sugar alcohols as substitutes for sweeteners. Xylitol is one and it may actually help improve bone density and prevent cavities. One drawback are digestive issues and gassiness it causes.
  • The diet potato or yacon plant tastes like a pear but got its nickname because it looks like a potato. It is a sugar substitute that may aid in weight loss and help prevent constipation. Tea made from the leaves have anti-diabetic properties.

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