Top Exercises For Stronger Biceps

Toned arms can make any summer outfit look fabulous and even dresses add to that stunning look. If you’re more into building great guns, these exercises for stronger biceps can help you too. The biceps have two heads and in order to maximize your workout, you have to work both heads. Many exercises can do that. If you don’t have equipment, bodyweight exercises can do the job, too. One exercise that’s exceptional and can be done anywhere, involves lifting weight, but that weight is your leg. Roll a towel lengthwise and put it behind your thigh. Hold an end in each hand. Pull until you lift your leg off the ground.

Push-ups are a favorite “oldie but goodie.”

One thing about push-ups and many other traditional bodyweight exercises. You can do push-ups the traditional way or modify it to work other muscles. The traditional method works the chest, triceps and deltoids, but when you change your hand placement, putting the hands closer together with just a few inches in between, it makes the push-ups harder and also works your biceps more. Doing an inside push-up with reverse hands further down and fingers pointing toward your feet also targets the biceps, just as one-armed push-ups do.

If you have dumbbells and a chin-up bar, you have a great biceps workout tool.

Alternating dumbbell biceps curls from one side to the other can build great muscles or tone your muscles. Go for more weight and fewer repetitions to build and more reps and lighter weight to tone. Grip toward one side of the dumbbell to build muscle even faster. It’s the added wrist action that helps. Use an underhand grip for pull-ups to work the biceps, placing your hands 6-8 inches apart. Focus on both lifting and slowly lowering your body. If you have a weight vest or dip belt, wear it during pull-ups.

Cable curls are exceptional for building biceps.

While it may seem a lot like standing barbell curls, there’s a difference. They’re similar in that you’re standing, lifting the bar with hands in shoulder-width position and an underhanded grip, however, it’s also different in the tension throughout. When you’re working with cable curls, the tension doesn’t stop at the bottom or the top, like it does with barbells. It’s constant, giving you a better workout for your biceps.

  • Do chair dips to build your biceps. You can use any type of firm chair that doesn’t have rollers or sturdy coffee table. Facing the chair, put your hands on the edge and grasp as you lower yourself toward the floor with legs out behind and do a modified push-up.
  • If you have resistance bands, they’re a good way to build biceps. You can stand on the middle, feet at shoulder-width, with one end in each hand and slowly lift hands with palms facing upward, then slowly lower them again.
  • Modifying your diet to include more protein can also help build all muscles, including the biceps. Some trainers believe that diet plays a huge role in how successful you are.
  • To maximize benefits, do your biceps exercises at the beginning of your workout and never at the end. Don’t continuously use the same routine but vary your workout frequently.

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