Exercising On Your Cycle

Clients often take me aside at The Worx in Alexandria, VA, and ask if it’s safe exercising on your cycle. The answer is not only yes, but a resounding yes. Not only is it safe, there are several benefits of doing it. There are some things you need to ensure before you start, such as the type of exercise you’re doing. Sticking with light exercise when you’re suffering pain, cramps and bloating can help relieve those symptoms.

You’ll lift your mood when you workout.

When you’re menstruating, you can experience everything from irritability and mood swings to fatigue and depression. Exercise helps stabilize those moods changes and lifts your spirits. Think about early woman. During her cycle, she couldn’t take to bed or lay in a cave. She had to keep moving if her group was migratory and help bring food for herself and family. Women wouldn’t have survived if exercise shouldn’t be part of life at that time.

When it’s your period, there are some exercises you shouldn’t do.

While exercising is okay, don’t push yourself beyond normal. Exercising beyond your normal length of time and doing a workout more intense should be avoided. Keep your exercise regimen at that time to 45 minutes or less to avoid inflammation. Avoid exercises that cause your body to be inverted and if you feel tired, nauseous or have an increasing amount of discomfort, take a break and rest. Listen to your body.

Listen to your body and stick with exercises that feel good and help.

If working out at the gym and doing your regular workout is painful, switch your training. Go for a walk or do light aerobic exercise. Use lighter weights and do strength training, but don’t try power lifting if you’re dealing with issues from your cycle. Exercises that promote stretching to help muscles relax can also be beneficial.

  • If you have a regular cycle, work your exercise schedule so your toughest workout is after the first few days when bleeding and cramping can be at its worst. Move your toughest workout to later in your cycle.
  • Take precautions when working out during your period. You can combine feminine hygiene products to get the best coverage and take a break mid exercise to ensure you don’t have leakage.
  • Exercise can make changes in your period and the amount of flow. A program of regular exercise can cause a lighter flow with less cramping. The change in the amount of body fat caused by exercise reduces the thickness of the lining of the uterus causing your period to be lighter.
  • Your body’s hormones change during your period and that can lead to fatigue. When you exercise, it can increase your energy levels, especially during your period. At The Worx, we’ll work with you to find the right exercises to help relieve pain.

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