Get Ready To Be Fitter And Stronger

I love to see the changes in my clients at The Worx in Alexandria, VA. While all of them came expecting to see changes in their body, they never realized how good it would feel to be fitter and stronger. In fact, many start with one small goal, which they actually change as they see the changes in their body. Maybe their goal was just to get a little curvier or lose ten pounds, but once they start seeing their muscles tone and the changes in how they feel, they can’t help but to continue long after they’ve completed their goals.

No matter how fit or strong you are, you can always improve.

That’s what keeps people coming, the constant challenge of doing better and getting stronger. That flight of stairs that winded you now doesn’t. In fact, you can take three flights without stopping to catch your breath. That’s a pretty amazing feeling. So is the fact that you can lift more weight safely and easily. You’ll not only amaze yourself, people around you will be amazed at how different you are and how much more youthful you’ve become.

Getting fitter takes planning.

Whether you’re trying to lose weight with diet and exercises or focused more on getting healthier, you have to do some planning. Your workout program should be put on your schedule as an important appointment. It is after all an appointment for your good health, like a doctor’s appointment, only better! You’ll feel better almost immediately after working out, since it’s a true stress buster, too.

Planning healthy meals is also important.

If you’re like most people, you’re constantly on the run, often working long hours. It’s far too easy to stop for some fast food, rather than fixing a meal or packing a lunch. To help you eat healthier, plan ahead. Take an hour one night a week and plan a healthy menu for the week and make a grocery list. The next night, after you’ve eaten, do your grocery shopping and cook the meals ahead on the weekend. Make extra to freeze, so you have meals for the future. Before you know it, all you’ll have to do is make one or two meals ahead on the weekend and you’ll be set with quick meals for the week.

  • You need to set goals and establish a time frame to achieve them. Only by having a goal that you can measure, can you notice the difference in your body and check to see if your program is working.
  • Getting stronger doesn’t mean getting bulky if you’re a woman. You’ll have a sculpted look, but never get that Incredible Hulk appearance. It takes a special diet, program and supplementation to build large bulky muscles.
  • You’ll be amazed at how much younger you look and how your posture improves. Just improving your posture can boost your self-esteem, but so does looking great.
  • If you’re ready to get stronger and fitter, come to the Worx. There’s a program that is perfect for you, because I believe no two people are alike and create a program for each individual.

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