Snacks That Give You Energy

What snacks give you energy? Almost anything with added sugar does. That sugar immediately goes into your bloodstream and floods it with a boost of energy. However, what goes up rapidly, also goes down rapidly, so within a short period, you find yourself depleted. Food with added sugar affects your health negatively adds extra calories and has few redeeming qualities. There are some healthy energy snacks that will not only add that get-up-and-go you need, but keep you feeling energized and full longer.

Look for premade snacks, like protein bars, with little added sugar.

While granola bars, energy balls and protein bars are often loaded with added sugar, there are some that use the natural sweetness of dates, figs or dried fruit to give a quick boost. You can also buy combos of dried fruit and nuts that will boost your energy immediately from the natural sugar in the fruit and keep you going longer thanks to the fats and protein in the seeds and nuts. Dark chocolate covered almonds are another choice, but make sure it has high cacao content.

Try a dish of cottage cheese with a topping of fruit.

It’s the combination of carbohydrate and protein that boosts you up and keeps you going longer. You’ll also feel full longer, thanks to the protein. Yogurt, fruit and nuts are another combination you can make at home. Don’t buy the low fat yogurt with added fruit. When they take the fat out of yogurt, they make it palatable by adding extra sugar. If you aren’t sure, read the label. For a super tasty treat, mix yogurt, a half a ripe banana, frozen dark cherries and chopped walnuts. It energizes and is extremely healthy.

Make a Mediterranean salad jar, deviled eggs or homemade trail mix.

When you make your own trail mix, you control all the ingredients. Buy nuts, dried fruit and maybe a few dark chocolate morsels. Your Mediterranean salad jar can contain whatever ingredients you want. You can start with cooked quinoa or chickpeas, and pile in the other ingredients often found in the Mediterranean diet. One egg can make two deviled eggs, which have about 126 calories.

  • Choose peanut, almond or other nut butter with a piece of fruit, like an apple. Cheese and fruit is another good choice. The fruit is the instant energy carb and the nut butter or cheese is the long-lasting protein.
  • Making egg salad and putting it on one slice of whole wheat toast cut in half for a sandwich, can be satisfying and provide instant energy that lasts.
  • Combine peanut butter, a bit of honey and toasted oats or wheat germ. Form a ball, then roll it in either the toasted oats or wheat germ to take away the stickiness. It’s the perfect bite that boosts your energy that lasts a long time.
  • Make a smoothie from your favorite fruit and vegetables. Toss in some protein powder, Greek yogurt or add nut butter for protein. You can also make your own ice cream from frozen rounds of bananas. Just put them in the blender and top the creamy goodness with nuts for added protein.

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