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Coach Corinne Demonstrates Gentle Trouble-Zone Toning Moves

Coach Corinne’s Surprising Cover Letter to SCULPTAFIT

Hello and welcome 🙂

The purpose of today’s post is to introduce you to one of our newest Compassionate SCULPTAFIT Coaches, Corinne.

She’s a wife & mother of 2 who knows that health and wellness CANNOT be ignored… She has traveled her own journey and after finding sustainable fitness success – now has the burning passion to help other women achieve the same success.

SCULPTAFIT Coach Corinne

SCULPTAFIT Coach Corinne

To give you an idea about the type of coach Corinne is – here is something helpful…

After reading our “unique and remarkable” position posting – here is what Corinne sent us as a cover letter back in November:

[November 18, 2016]

Wow! Never have I read a position posting that got me so fired up with excitement!

SCULPTAFIT is exactly the place I’ve been looking for to pursue my career goals and continue to grow into the best possible version of myself, by helping other women find health and fitness success.

I know the traditional fitness offerings are not what the average woman needs. And it sounds like you have created the EXACT method and environment that women do need, in order to get their health on track and achieve realistic fitness for a high quality of life, for years to come.

Through my lived experiences I have learned how capable I am of achieving any goal I set for myself. My journey with health and fitness has leaded me to successful weight loss and has been life changing.

I know other women need the same outcome in their own life
and I want to be the person who leads them to their best self.

I want to help empower other women to discover their own, amazing potential. My empathetic nature gives me the ability to connect with others and in a more intimate setting, like SCULPTAFIT, I would have that opportunity.

I am a genuinely optimistic and upbeat person. I live my life with a kind heart and believe in lifting others up. I am looking forward to being surrounded by like-minded individuals who inspire others and will provide a supportive environment to thrive in.

I am eager to upgrade my dream career in the fitness industry and to learn more about SCULPTAFIT’s unique method for women. It sounds like the perfect place for lots of good and positive outcomes for all involved.

Thank you for your time and consideration.

I am confident I could be “the one” you are looking for.


– Corinne Dean, CPT, WMS

Lots of hints and insight in Corinne’s cover letter that should help you understand what makes us so different and how we can help YOU… And as it turns out – she IS now part of the loving and caring team here at the SCULPTAFIT Studio (soon you’ll meet Coaches MaryAnne, Julie, Austin)

Here’s an “action” shot of Coach Corinne demonstrating one of our Signature “slow-tempo” trouble-zones moves (in this photo are 5 Patents Pending, because what we’ve created here has NEVER existed before.)

Coach Corinne Demonstrates Gentle Trouble-Zone Toning Moves

Coach Corinne Demonstrates Gentle Trouble-Zone Toning Moves

We Help Women Reach Their Most Desired Goals of Fitness, Wellness and Anti-Aging…

The truth is, it isn’t all about superficial vanity. While that counts as part of the equation – there are other elements of optimum living that are far more important and valuable

A – Improved Quality of Life and Enjoyment
B – Increased Productivity, Creativity and Awareness
C – Enhanced Abilities of All Activities, Old and New Ones
D – Elevated Moods, Happiness and a Sense of Life-Control
E – Smaller Clothes Fit Better, Fun to Shop Now, Can Wear Cuter Outfits
F – Reverse Certain Signs Symptoms & Causes of Premature Aging and Early Disease

Are You Ready to Take Care of You – The RIGHT Way? We Will Help You…

Just call or text Nikki now: 904-891-3680 and let her know you’re interested in a Complimentary “SIGNATURE Sample Session” and Personal Fitness Consultation (FREE if you call/text now)

SCULPTAFIT Coaching Team of Saint Johns Mandarin Fleming Island Personal Trainer

SCULPTAFIT Coaching Team: Nikki, Kaci, Corinne, Austin, Alexa, Joey, MaryAnne

SCULPTAFIT Client Brenda Pence 3-month FIT-Q Success Story

SCULPTAFIT Client Brenda Pence 3-month FIT-Q Success Story

One of the pillars of women’s fitness success that is part of the SCULPTAFIT Method is “Accountability”… And we have several elements that continuously provide the accountability aspect…

One of them being the “FIT-Q”.

The “FIT-Q” is what each new client of SCULPTAFIT goes through with Coach Kaci (“The SCULPTAFIT Accountability Ace”). It only takes about 15-20 minutes, but it provides critical information, and fuel for motivation, that helps get a woman moving in the right direction and in gear to reach her most desired health and fitness goals.

After that, Coach Kaci, meets with each client for a monthly follow-up “FIT-Q”. This allows our clients to see the improvements they are making and to also set new goals to reach in the months ahead. This is EXTREMELY POWERFUL and women are LOVING it.

I mention the “FIT-Q” above, so you can put Brenda’s words here, into context:

SCULPTAFIT client Brenda Pence 3-month FIT-Q Success Story

SCULPTAFIT Client Brenda Pence 3-month FIT-Q Success Story

There’s only one thing that can make Brenda’s “afterthought” testimonial even better, and that’s someone else chiming in to add her own proof of positive progress…

And Debra does exactly that, with her comment right under Brenda’s post;

Debra writes: “I agree, I have more stamina and my back does not get tired carrying grandson, Colton :-)”

Are you seeing the benefits these wise ladies are experiencing?

While we have women of all ages in here – the two above, Brenda and Debra happen to be “grandmothers”… But unlike most grannies, these ladies made a decision to age with strength, vitality and powerful energy.

When they are doing things, whether it’s gardening, hiking, playing with the grand-kids, or playing with hubby – they want to do it with full capabilities and leave nothing to chance.

How about you?

Are you leaving things to chance?

Are you letting your life-abilities slip through your hands? …Hoping that the doctors will prescribe medications and treatments to keep you above ground?

Well, It Doesn’t Have to Be That Way, Because…

Better with Age

1 – Age Is What You Make of It

2 – You Can Get Better With Age

3 – Tools of Youth Are Within Your Reach

4 – Others May “Get Old” But You Don’t Have To

Want to Be a Real-Life Super-Hero to Your Family?

Cool.. You have 3 options with us then:

1 – SCULPTAFIT Personal Training: this is exclusive and private, but some women have asked for it and it is now an option here.

2 – SCULPTAFIT “Signature” Method: this is our premiere-level small-group fitness/wellness program; aka, “The REJUVE-N8R”

3 – SCULPTAFIT “Express” Method:
this is our small-group fitness/wellness program, created for women on tighter schedules and tighter budgets (single moms, teachers, etc…); aka, “REJUVE-N8R Lite”

With these 3 amazing options, YOU have NO EXCUSES now… So, get in touch with Nikki ASAP, so she can get you in for a Studio Tour/Meet & Greet – or a Complimentary Sample Session… Here’s how to reach her:

A – call her (or text her right now): 904-891-3680
B – Or email her:

…So she can reserve your free Sample Session spot and get you in here, to try The Method for FREE and have you meet some of the other amazing and friendly women here…

Or if you just want to get a FREE start at home, you can get our “7-Day Slim & Tone at Home” here:

FREE "7-Day Slim & Tone at Home" Videos

FREE “7-Day Slim & Tone at Home” Videos